My top 10 products over the last 12 months

I’ve decided to compile a list for my top 10 products over the last 12 months.  This list isn’t in any kind of order as I simply couldn’t pick and choose my favourite products from such a great product range.  I’ve included different products from various categories and each one of these I use almost daily.

My top 10 products over the last 12 months.

Over the last 12 months I’ve completed nearly 200 reviews, so this list is only 5% of all the reviews that I’ve written.  So, you can be sure if these are in the top 10, then they’re truly great products.

So, let me begin.


Number 1 | The Leesa Mattress.

I needed a new mattress.  My old spring mattress was in a tired state and over a period of around 10 years it had become very uncomfortable and I was getting only a few hours of sleep every night. When the opportunity came along to review The Leesa Mattress I was super excited.

In a few days this huge box arrived, and inside was the Leesa Mattress.  Watching it unfold and shape itself up into a proper mattress was satisfying to watch.  I couldn’t wait to go to sleep that night and try out and see what all the fuss was about these boxed mattresses.

On the first night of using the mattress I had a proper night’s sleep and awake feeling refreshed and ready to tap away on my keyboard.

I’ve now been using The Leesa Mattress for over 7 months and I know for a fact, I’ll never go back to using a sprung mattress ever again! I’m completely converted to the idea of a mattress in a box!

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Number 2 | VANiGO A3.

I’ve been in awe for many years regarding robotic vacuum cleaners.  I would’ve loved to have one many years ago when they first started to become available to the general market.  But they always seem to be very expensive to purchase, and for my original thought of a gimmicky item, overpriced!

The opportunity came only in October to review the VANiGO A3 Smart Robotic Vacuum Cleaner.  Obviously, I jumped at the chance and was able to finally try out a robotic vacuum cleaner.  It arrived very quickly, and my initial response was to open it up and get it straight to work.  But I had to wait until I had photographed it before I could start using it.  I wanted to capture an unboxing photographic image set, as I knew this was an important part of the reviewing process for the VANiGO A3.

As soon as I finished my first round of photographs, I quickly set up the VANiGO A3 and got it to work around the downstairs area of my house.

I was instantly impressed and mesmerised by the whole concept.  Over the coming days I’d watch the VANiGO A3 go to work and just sit there and watch in amazement.

I use the VANiGO A3 probably every day, I start the day by bringing it upstairs and getting it to work on the upstairs carpets and when completed take it back down again and recharge.  In the evening I get it to go around the downstairs area and collect all the debris that has accumulated on the hard floors throughout that day.

Honestly the VANiGO A3 is fantastic and great for everyday use.

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Number 3 | SoundPEATS Q30.

I love music! Always have and probably always will! I was given the opportunity back in May of this year to review a set of Bluetooth wireless earphones from a little-known brand called SoundPEATS.  I’d never even heard of them, but they’re a small and upcoming brand on Amazon that sell wireless audio equipment.

I had only heard excellent audio previously using a directly cables set of earphones, but as soon as I tried out the SoundPEATS Q30 I was amazed.  The sound is nice and bassy (Which I love) and the in-line user controls are very easy to use and navigate without having to look down at it.

They’re also very comfortable too! I probably use the SoundPEATS daily, as I use them at night to also watch YouTube videos.  Overall, they’re probably the best wireless set of earphones you can get for under £30.00.

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Number 4 | Betron AX5.

Following on from the SoundPEATS Q30 I have included the Betron AX5 earphones.  These are the best set of wired earphones that I reviewed over the last year.  The bass, treble and ease of use, make these the best directly wired set of earphones for me.  I’ve long been a fan of Betron and their great audio product range.  It amazes me the quality Betron can produce and still be available to everyone on the budget end of the audio market.

For under £15.00 you normally wouldn’t expect much from a set of wired earphones.  But, the Betron AX5 will blow you away.  I reviewed them back in February this year and they still amaze me how good they sound.

If I’m not using the SoundPEATS Q30 earphones, you’ll normally catch me using the Betron AX5 earphones.

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Number 5 | Syncwire 4-Port Adaptor.

I have quite a hesitation towards after-market USB adaptors.  Normally the separation between the Live and Neutral terminals are too close and can cause these cheap after-market adaptors to fail, or a lot worse in some cases.  But when I was approached by Syncwire to try out and review their version of a 4-port adaptor, at first, I was a little hesitant.  But I did agree and soon the adaptor had arrived.

My initial hesitation quickly turned to amazement as Syncwire had built something that can be used for many years, and without any electrical issues (Which of course is a relief).

All you need to do is plug it into your mains electrical socket and plug in upto 4 USB cables, that’s it! You also don’t have to worry about the correct voltage for each USB plug either as the Syncwire adaptor automatically takes care of that for you.

I use mine every day and have done since last November without any issues or concerns at all.

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Number 6 | Maisi M85 Car Dash Cam.

Whenever I make a car journey the Maisi M85 is always on.  You never know when you might need to capture a road incident.  And, the Maisi M85 has never let me down.  The recordings are great, and the dash cam is very easy to use and understand.  I first reviewed this product back in January of this year and I love the simplicity of the whole package.

All you need is a standard TF Micro SD Card and you’re good to go. I like the adjustable positioning and the clear OLED display screen too.

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Number 7 | JML FreeFlight Cordless Iron.

I’m sure I’m not alone with my hatred towards doing the ironing.  But, the JML FreeFlight Iron has made the daunting task a lot easier.  I love the cordless design and the iron produces the same level of heat and steam as a regular cabled iron.  It’s also very lightweight and easy to store too.

I’m a big fan of JML, and when the opportunity arose back in April to review this iron I jumped at the chance.  You never turn down work from a well respectable company!

Whenever I need to iron (Which seems a permanent job in my house) I always, without fail use the JML FreeFlight Cordless Iron.

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Number 8 | Oittm Smart Plug.

I’ve included the Oittm Smart Plug into my top ten list as it’s probably the best wireless plug that I’ve come across.  That’s probably why Oittm have now sold out of this amazing product on Amazon.  The plug and the app work well together and I use mine to control a bedside lamp from across the room.

Every night just before I go to sleep, I turn the lamp off using my phone and without having to get out of bed and walk across the room, and then walk back in the dark.  I’ve been using the plug every day since my review last January and it’s never let me down!

It’s also very fun to use and has entertained me many times.  You can use the app and plug from anywhere in the world using Wi-Fi and 3G.  I like to tease my partner by turning the lamp on/off and give the impression our house is haunted!

But, asides from the teasing, it’s actually a very good, safe product.

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Number 9 | Sumvision Kata Mouse.

This one could be controversial, only because I was paid to write the review.  But, payment or not this mouse is good.  In fact, I’ve ditched my wireless mouse that I’d been using for many years in favour for the Sumvision Kata Mouse.  I love LED lights anyway, and the breathing LED lights on the mouse are great.  It also works very well and glides without any issues.

I’ve quickly ignored the fact that it’s wired and look forward to using this mouse.  I use it for all my work and although I’ve only been using it since September, I’m sure I’ll be using this mouse for many years.

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Number 10 | Ionocore Knee Support.

Again, this was a paid opportunity, but Ionocore have a dedicated following amongst its product users.  I was invited to try out the knee support which must’ve been fate as I have an issue with my knees anyway! All it takes is a slight knock, twist or bump and my knees can become crocked for upto a week.

I was invited to try out the knee support only this month, but already I’ve had to use the knee support.  It happened about a week after the review, I twisted my knee and was limping about as per usual.  I strapped on the Ionocore Knee Support and I’m not kidding I was able to move again! I know it sounds too good to be true, but honestly, it’s true!

I’d even forgotten I was wearing the support and quickly started to move around my home without any issues at all, I even ran up the stairs!

That evening I had to remove the support in order to take a shower and instantly my knee was hurting again.  I was completely amazed how good the Ionocore Knee Support worked for me.  I used it again the following day and didn’t need it again after that.  So, with the Ionocore Knee Support my recovery time was 2 days rather than 5 days or more.

I can’t praise this knee support enough.

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