Oliphant Indoor Egg House

Today I’ll be writing about the Oliphant Indoor Egg House. This kitchen egg storage gadget has been designed to look like a traditional farm hen house.

You get enough storage for 6 eggs and a pull-out drawer to store your egg cups, ready for your egg and soldiers.

This review will also contain many egg puns, too many in fact. And I’m not egg-aggerating, I must take some whisks. Read more about Oliphant Indoor Egg House

Oliphant Cricket Scoreboard Desk Tidy

Today I’ll be writing about the Oliphant Cricket Scoreboard Desk Tidy. Oliphant have a new Cricket range of giftware for 2020. This desk tidy is authentically realistic and a practical item too.

The included self-adhesive number stickers allow you to decorate and personalise your new desk tidy. The Oliphant brand is a firm favourite of mine and I’m incredibly lucky to be able to review for them. Especially their new product ranges. Read more about Oliphant Cricket Scoreboard Desk Tidy

Ness-Sea Glass

Today I’ll be writing about a multi-awarding small business called Ness-Sea Glass which was formed by Sarah in April 2019.

Ness-Sea Glass is based near to the world-famous Loch Ness, in Scotland where the magic of the Loch Ness monster has inspired many stories. Sarah and her family collect naturally tumbled pieces of glass that appear on the shoes of the Loch.

Sarah and her glass treasure hunting family collect the jewels Nessie drops. But unfortunately find themselves also picking up rubbish, that can sometimes wash ashore too. Read more about Ness-Sea Glass

Oliphant Home Tweet Home Birdhouse

Today I’ll be reviewing the Oliphant Home Tweet Home Birdhouse. I’ve reviewed many products over the last 3 years for Oliphant (and their sister companies) on this website. I love gadgets, so when Oliphant get in touch and send me some samples to review, I can’t help but get excited.

So, last week I got a delivery, and it’s a full box of cool looking products to review. I’ll be starting with this birdhouse, but you’ll want to check back over the coming weeks to see what else was sent to me. Read more about Oliphant Home Tweet Home Birdhouse

Kalm Koala Weighted Blanket

Today I’m writing about the Kalm Koala Weighted Blanket. You can’t check on your social media these days without seeing an advert for weighted blankets. They’re everywhere! I’m autistic and I’ve seen many other autistic people purchase a weighted blanket and claim it helps them. I’m a sceptical person and unless I try it for […]