Hernido Portable Boombox

Today I’ll be writing a review for the Hernido Portable Boombox. A Radio/CD/Tape player with an impressive built-in battery, twin speakers with bass boost capabilities and much more. It’s not my first review for the brand Hernido, I previously reviewed a portable CD player, they seem to produce audio equipment like what you used to […]

CLEVER BRIGHT Bluetooth Speaker

Today I’ll be writing about the CLEVER BRIGHT Bluetooth Speaker. It’s been a while since the last time I reviewed a wireless speaker. The CLEVER BRIGHT speaker features a twin 4Ω/5W-Φ52mm dynamic Bluetooth speaker with a DSP chipset. The triangular design allows for 360° sound, and you can place the speaker in either a horizontal […]

Momoho Mini Bluetooth Speaker

For today’s review I’ll be trying out the Momoho Mini Bluetooth Speaker. This miniature speaker has the cute factor, a rechargeable battery, remote control shutter and more. The design I chose is the White Tiger version, Momoho have other options including; Bunnies and Pigs, and available in both Pink and White of each.

Sandberg Active Bluetooth Speaker

Today’s review is for this waterproof Sandberg Active Bluetooth Speaker. This brand is a first for the My Helpful Hints website and I’m very happy to be reviewing for Sandberg. The roots of Sandberg can be traced back 1985, every year more than 500,000 products find themselves into people homes in over 65 different countries.

Marley No Bounds Bluetooth Speaker

Today I’m reviewing the Marley No Bounds Bluetooth Speaker. I’ve been wanting to review a product from House of Marley for some time. I love their product range and super excited to be able to finally review a speaker from them. The No Bounds speaker is IP67 (Water & Dust Proof) and can be used […]