Torches & Lanterns

XTAR T1 Keychain Torch

Today I’ll be writing about the XTAR T1 Keychain Torch. A new product that’s only just came onto the market. I’ve reviewed a few items for XTAR now and I’m a huge fan of their high-quality and inexpensive products. I’m one of only a few lucky people who’ve gotten hold of this new product from […]

Brinyte WT01 Apollo

Brinyte have been very active recently in the flashlight market with their flagship model – which has just been released on Amazon US – the PT18 Oathkeeper (read my review of it here). The flashlight that I will be reviewing today, the WT01 Apollo, is perfect for S&R, thanks to the large reflector and long […]

Olight i1R EOS

Today is a rather special day, I’m going to be reviewing the Olight i1R EOS torch. This tiny keyring torch features a rechargeable 80mAh battery and two lighting modes, all in a small 12G torch. This torch really is tiny, but packs quite a punch, you get two lighting outputs, the first produces just 5 […]

Olight S1A Baton in Raw Copper

This will be the first Olight product that I have reviewed. Before I begin, I’d like to thank Olight UK. Due to a misunderstanding, I was sent two of these flashlights – one a few days after the other. I contacted them and offered to return it to them. They told me that I could […]

Brinyte PT18 Oathkeeper Flashlight

I hadn’t actually heard of this company before, until they started posting on Facebook revealing their new model of flashlight: the PT18 Oathkeeper. Several messages and weeks later, my very own Brinyte PT18 Oathkeeper Flashlight prototype arrived on my doorstep. I couldn’t have been more impressed.