KBEAR KS1 Earphones

Today I’ll be writing about the KBEAR KS1 Earphones. I’ve reviewed a few KBEAR products now, and in general I’ve been extremely impressed. You get a lot of quality for extraordinarily little money. So, when Keephifi, an agent acting on behalf of KBEAR contacted me yet again offering me these to review, I jumped at the chance. Who wouldn’t?

I chose the white finish with an in-line microphone. I fell in love instantly with what I saw on my screen. A couple of weeks later and I finally can try out these KS1 duel magnetic circuit and dual cavity DD in-ear earphones. Read more about KBEAR KS1 Earphones

BLON BL-03 Earphones

Today I’m writing about the BLON BL-03 Earphones. These earphones feature a 0.78mm 2-pin interface cable and an in-line microphone/multi-function button.

With a 10mm Carbon Nanotube Diaphragm unit, a copper and silver cable mix, sound should be top-notch. Affordable decent audio from AliExpress is quite common these days. BLON is another brand selling multiple products on the AliExpress platform. Read more about BLON BL-03 Earphones

KBEAR Lark Hybrid 1DD+1BA Earphones

I’m super excited to write todays review for these KBEAR Lark Hybrid 1DD+1BA Earphones. I recently reviewed the KBEAR KS2 earphones, and Keephifi, an agent acting on behalf of KBEAR contacted me to see if I’d like to review the Lark model. Of course, I said yes! Who wouldn’t?

I had a choice of colour too, I went for the Mauve version, and I’m so happy I did, they’re beautiful, especially against the polished zinc casing. Read more about KBEAR Lark Hybrid 1DD+1BA Earphones

I14 TWS Earbuds

Today I’ll be writing about the I14 TWS Earbuds. Obviously, they’re almost an identical clone of a well-known brand, the one named after a piece of fruit.

Clones of AirPods are everywhere, they all seem to have the same capabilities of their branded counterparts. Some even have more! Read more about I14 TWS Earbuds

UiiSii TWS21 Earphones

Today I’ll be writing about the UiiSii TWS21 Earphones, a true wireless set of stereo earphones. UiiSii have multiple audio products on the market.

It’s worth pointing out right now at the beginning of this review that this is my second pair of TWS21 earphones. The first pair was faulty, the left earphone was inoperable. In fairness to UiiSii they instantly sent out another pair without hesitation. These things happen! Read more about UiiSii TWS21 Earphones