I14 TWS Earbuds

Today I’ll be writing about the I14 TWS Earbuds. Obviously, they’re almost an identical clone of a well-known brand, the one named after a piece of fruit.

Clones of AirPods are everywhere, they all seem to have the same capabilities of their branded counterparts. Some even have more! Read more about I14 TWS Earbuds

UiiSii TWS21 Earphones

Today I’ll be writing about the UiiSii TWS21 Earphones, a true wireless set of stereo earphones. UiiSii have multiple audio products on the market.

It’s worth pointing out right now at the beginning of this review that this is my second pair of TWS21 earphones. The first pair was faulty, the left earphone was inoperable. In fairness to UiiSii they instantly sent out another pair without hesitation. These things happen! Read more about UiiSii TWS21 Earphones

Peanutaoc Y-12 Wireless Earphone

Today I’ll be reviewing the Peanutaoc Y-12 Wireless Earphone. According to the Amazon product page it’s a bone conducting earphone with built-in microphone.

So, what is bone conduction? Bone conduction earphones/headphones are designed in such a way that they effectively become your eardrums. These audio products decode the sound waves that are produced and converts the vibrations of soundwaves into the Cochlea as sound. Read more about Peanutaoc Y-12 Wireless Earphone

OWSOO F9 TWS Earphones

Today I’ll be reviewing these OWSOO F9 TWS Earphones. I love audio products and never turn down the opportunity to review some new earphones.

These earphones are a True Wireless Stereo (TWS) pair of earphones. The supplied charging box also doubles up as a powerbank, enabling you to charge your mobile device. Read more about OWSOO F9 TWS Earphones

KBEAR KS2 Earphones

Today I’m reviewing the KBEAR KS2 Earphones and will finish off the review by also reviewing the KBEAR S1 Bluetooth cable. These two were kindly sent to me by Keephifi.

I’ll be splitting the review into two sections with the first part being the KS2 earphones and then following on with the S1 Bluetooth cable upgrade. So, we’re getting wired and then wireless in this review, all with the same pair of earphones. Read more about KBEAR KS2 Earphones