BLON Fat Girl Earphones

Today I’ll be writing a review for the BLON Fat Girl Earphones, I’ve reviewed for the brand BLON a few times now. It’s a budget friendly and great audio brand and is available on the KeepHifi website. The outer body is constructed from aluminium alloy and finished with a scratch-resistant gunmetal anodize process. A 10mm […]

SoundPEATS Free2 Classic Wireless Earbuds

Today I’ll be writing about the SoundPEATS Free2 Classic Wireless Earbuds. I’ve previously reviewed before for SoundPEATS, the last being in 2018, so when they approached me again, I was thrilled. SoundPEATS are a quality audio brand, with an awesome product range that is very affordable. 4 years ago they were unknown until the Q30 […]

HZSOUND Bell Rhyme Earphones

Today I’ll be writing about the HZSOUND Bell Rhyme Earphones. Another brand from the awesome audio company Keephifi, who I’ve built up a wonderful business relationship up with. I love their brand ethos and they have some of the best audio brands/products that I’ve had the pleasure of trying out. HZSOUND is another of these […]

Srhythm S5 Wireless Earbuds

Today I’ll be writing a review for these Srhythm S5 Wireless Earbuds. I love the audio brand Srhythm, they also produce quality products at affordable prices. I have previously reviewed the Srhythm NC15, NC25, NC35 and NC75 overhead headphones, but this will be my first True Wireless Stereo (TWS) review for Srhythm. Upon first inspection […]

BLON BL-Max Earphones

Welcome to the first review of 2022 and welcome to my review for the BLON BL-Max Earphones. I have had these in my possession for several weeks now and have tested the heck out of them over the festive period. So, today’s review is based on a serious amount of usage time. This isn’t the […]