AZiMiYO HK1 Earphones

Today I’ll be writing about the AZiMiYO HK1 Earphones. These cheap earphones are currently £2.37 on AliExpress (Correct as of 15/07/2021). They have in-line control and a built-in microphone too. They’re modelled on high-end In-Ear Monitors (IEM) with translucent plastic shell and a universal 3.5mm jack plug. I’m not expecting punchy bass tones, nor am […]

BLON Mini In Ear Earphones

Today I’ll be reviewing the BLON Mini In Ear Earphones. These small Cashew nut shaped in ear single dynamic earphones feature a lightweight diaphragm making them comfortable for all day use. The universal 2-pin 0.78mm TFZ cable is easily upgradable/replaceable with any other type, and the 6mm single dynamic driver provides clear, crisp tones.


Today I’ll be writing about the NANNIO A1 ANC Earbuds. A True Wireless Stereo (TWS) pair of noise cancelling earbuds. I hadn’t heard of the brand NANNIO until a few weeks ago when I was asked to review them. They’re available on Amazon and at £70.00 for a pair of wireless earbuds, they’ve a lot […]

KBEAR KS1 Earphones

Today I’ll be writing about the KBEAR KS1 Earphones. I’ve reviewed a few KBEAR products now, and in general I’ve been extremely impressed. You get a lot of quality for extraordinarily little money. So, when Keephifi, an agent acting on behalf of KBEAR contacted me yet again offering me these to review, I jumped at […]

BLON BL-03 Earphones

Today I’m writing about the BLON BL-03 Earphones. These earphones feature a 0.78mm 2-pin interface cable and an in-line microphone/multi-function button. With a 10mm Carbon Nanotube Diaphragm unit, a copper and silver cable mix, sound should be top-notch. Affordable decent audio from AliExpress is quite common these days. BLON is another brand selling multiple products […]