The Origami wallet along with my main EDC

Origami Wallet by A-Slim Review

I am part of several EDC (Everyday Carry) groups on social media platforms as some of you may know – one of my favourite groups being “EDC Cooperative” on Facebook. Over time, I realised that fewer and fewer people carried traditional, bulky wallets and many people were carrying more streamlined wallets. Read more about Origami Wallet by A-Slim Review

The FH1 along with some of my EDC essentials

Weltool FH1 Utility Holster

Weltool FH1 Flashlight Holster

A few days ago, I was contacted by Weltool and asked if I would like to review their FH1 black flashlight holster. I love writing reviews, so naturally I said yes. A few days later, the FH1 arrived in the mail. I think that this item is best suited for people in the EDC community, security or law enforcement personnel, hikers and hunters. This is because the FH1 is lightweight, robust and compact.

Read more about Weltool FH1 Utility Holster

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