Power Banks

XTAR PB2SL Battery Charger

Today I’ll be writing a review for the XTAR PB2SL Battery Charger. I have reviewed a few XTAR products over the years, and previously, one of them was the XTAR PB2S Battery Charger. The PB2SL is the latest model in XTAR’s PB battery charger range. What makes the PB2SL different to the PB2SL? At first […]

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GTWIN Magnetic USB Cable

Today I’m going to be reviewing the GTWIN Magnetic USB Cable. Magnetic cables have been around for a while, but now come with a 360° swivel movement. This is a fantastic improvement, previously the previous type of cables did dis-connect and re-connect whilst you were using your device. GTWIN is a AliExpress brand, they stock

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