SafeTag Plug 4G

Today I’ll be writing a review for the SafeTag Plug 4G. I have previously reviewed the SafeTag Plug 2G. This new, updated model features a 4G connection, which improves connectivity. Much of this review will refer back to the 2G review, much of the product is the same, aside from an improved connection. Absolutely no …

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SafeTag Plug

Today I’ll be writing a review for the SafeTag Plug, a GPS OBD-2 vehicle tracker. This easy to install tracker simply plugs into your vehicle’s OBD 2 port and provides real-time 24/7 tracking. You can Geofence, monitor vehicle speed, and view journey data over a 12-month period. You’re able to use the SafeTag Plug across …

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PAJ Power Finder 4G GPS

Today I’ll be writing a review for the PAJ Power Finder 4G GPS. PAJ are well-known across the EU for tracking devices and wish to expand further into the UK market, hence asking for honest reviews from sites like this. Today’s offering is a 4G enabled tracker with a 90-day long rechargeable 10,000mAh battery, a …

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MACTREM 10″ Ring Light

Today I’ll be writing about the MACTREM 10″ Ring Light. This ring light comes with an adjustable tripod that can extend up to 147.0cm and can also double up as a selfie sick too. MACTREM are a decent, affordable brand that I’ve been lucky enough to review for a few times now, never had any …

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SeQuro GuardPro

Today I’ll be writing about the SeQuro GuardPro home surveillance DVR kit. I recently reviewed the SeQuro GuardPro2 and reported issues with the sound recording. SeQuro assured me that this isn’t usual from other GuardPro2 units, and I had the misfortune of possessing a faulty unit. They offered to send me another GuardPro2 to prove …

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