JML Phoenix Gold FreeFlight Cordless Iron

JML Phoenix Gold FreeFlight Cordless Iron


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  • Cordless
  • Steam
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to Use
  • Easy to Store


  • Water Tank is too Dark

The JML Phoenix Gold FreeFlight Cordless Iron is a powerful, cordless ceramic plated iron.

You can reach both ends of the ironing board.  Iron in either direction or in any position without having to stop and untangle the cord.

The smooth, ceramic-coated soleplate effortlessly glides across all fabrics.  The Anti-Drip system stops stains from water droplets at low ironing temperatures.


The JML Phoenix Gold FreeFlight Cordless Iron comes packaged in a Black cardboard box, the box features product illustrations, and specifications.  The box measures 33.5cm x 20.5cm x 18.0cm and weighs 1745G.

JML Phoenix Gold
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Upon opening the JML Phoenix Gold FreeFlight Cordless Iron box you’ll find the following items. 1x Iron, 1x Iron Base, 1x Water Jug, 1x English Written User Guide.

JML Phoenix Gold
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JML Phoenix Gold FreeFlight Cordless Iron.

The JML Phoenix Gold FreeFlight Cordless Iron is made from mixed materials, these include ceramic, metals, plastics, and rubber.  You get a stylish looking iron with a Gold, Black, and White designed appliance.  The iron itself measures 29.5cm in height x 12.0cm in width x 17.0cm in depth, the iron weighs (Without the base or water) 890G.

JML Phoenix Gold
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The detachable base measures 16.0cm x 15.0cm x 5.5cm and weighs 260G.  On the base you’ll also see a 2.0M cable with the usual standard heat resistant braided cable.

JML Phoenix Gold
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On the iron itself you get multiple buttons and personal settings to choose from.  These are, a Self-Clean Button, Temperature Control Dial, Steam Selector, Water Spray Button, and a Steam Blast Trigger.

The base features a Lock Switch.  You can use this to hold and lock your iron onto the base for easier storage or to perform a vertical steam.

Setting up the Iron.

Before you can hit that dreaded ironing pile that’s been sat there for an age, you’ll need to perform a couple of quick installation methods.  This will prevent your iron from damaging your clothes.

To start with you need give the iron and the base a quick wipe over with a dry cloth.  I found some oil residue left over from the manufacturing process on my iron.

You’ll need to slightly dampen an old rag or towel and lay it out on your ironing board.

Ensure the steam selector is turned off.  Plug the base into the electrical wall socket and place your iron onto the base.

Gradually increase the temperature using the control dial until you achieve maximum temperature (Don’t worry if you smell some burning or even see smoke, this is normal), you’ll know when you’ve achieved the desired temperature as the orange LED light on the iron goes out.

Now pass over your towel a few times and return the iron to the base.  When the iron reheats, repeat.

The steam option is next.  Remove the iron from the base and using the water jug fill some water (Use clean water that contains no chemicals or addictive’s) into the water tank and return the iron to the base.

Select maximum steam from the steam selector.  Wait for the iron to fully heat up again. Iron over your old towel and steam will be coming out of the 19 steam vents on the main plate.

That’s it, no more excuses, time to hit the dreaded pile!

Using the Iron.

I found after the initial setting up process the actual ironing process a very simple operation, if you’re just using the JML Phoenix Gold FreeFlight Cordless Iron to simply iron your clothes then you don’t need to lock the iron onto the base, you can simply lift off and return to the base after each piece of clothing.

JML Phoenix Gold
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I like to use maximum heat settings and maximum steam settings when I iron (Maybe it’s a man thing to use everything you’ve been given) and I found I had enough heat to carry out ironing for one item before I needed to return the iron to the base.  By the time you turn around and pick up another item of clothing the iron is hot and ready to go to work again!

JML Phoenix Gold
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Water Tank.

The water tank which has a capacity of 370ml lasts for around 20 minutes of continuous ironing and this is where I think the JML Phoenix Gold FreeFlight Cordless Iron is let down.  Due to the colour scheme of the iron, you can’t see the water tank level very easily as the viewing window is blacked out! It’s a real struggle to see through to the tank and see how much water you have left in the tank.

The main base also automatically shuts-off every 30 minutes.  You’ll know when this is about to happen as the Blue LED on the base starts to blink rapidly, to override this feature I found I had to lift the base without the iron and lightly shake it, you can hear a ball inside that is used to activate the power again.

Giving it a Test.

I tried the non-stick plate for myself as the JML advert claims that you can remove burnt on t-shirt prints without any scrubbing seems a little unbelievable, but I like to try all claims for myself.

So, I burned a t-shirt that has a rubber print using the iron and to my surprise once the iron cooled, you can just pick the burnt sections of the iron in one complete section.

JML you win this one and I now need a new t-shirt!

The JML Phoenix Gold FreeFlight Cordless Iron come fitted with a non-replaceable special resin filter which prevents scale build up, so you don’t need to use any special chemical additives or decalcifiers.

JML Phoenix Gold
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The iron also features a non-drip system too, but I found when the temperature had decreased whilst ironing a garment the iron does start to drip and to correct this the iron just needs to be re-heated again on the base.

You can if you wish though use this iron as a corded iron.  You need to lock the iron onto the base and that’s it.

If you want to give your garment or any other fabric a quick blast of steam, just press the Steam Blast Trigger.  You get a 162G shot of intense steam.

Technical Specifications.

  • Brand: JML
  • Model: Phoenix Gold FreeFlight Cordless Iron
  • Model Code: ES2416S_02
  • EAN: 5020044621318
  • ASIN: B076BM2FS7
  • Cord Length: 1.9M (Approx)
  • Water Tank Size: 370ml
  • Power Consumption: 2000-2400W
  • Power Supply: 220-240V ~ 50/60Hz
  • Compliance: CE


I love this iron from JML, the iron is easy to use and feels a lot more lightweight than pulling a normal corded iron along the ironing board.  One thing though, and it’s a big issue for me is the lack of visibility looking through the water tank viewing window, it’s so hard to see the water level.  The tank window need to be more translucent and things would be great.  Overall though I can’t complain.  This iron is actually very good and the advertised claims by JML are justified and true

If you want the JML Phoenix Gold FreeFlight Cordless Iron for yourself, it’s available for purchase only on Amazon. The RRP for this product is £49.99.

Product sample provided by JML in exchange for a detailed, unbiased review.

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