My Helpful Hints is a website that is dedicated for providing honest, unbiased product reviews across many different product lines.

My name’s Darren and I decided to start this website as I have a passion for products and a slightly strange hobby of critiquing things. I knew people might want to read a review where the product has been fully tested and put through their paces thoroughly.

Having started in October 2017 the site quickly expanded as the go to site for honest and high-quality reviews. Brands jumped on board and today My Helpful Hints has reviewed products for many well-known household brands.

A lot of visitors read the reviews for the in-depth information contained and the fact that all reviews have been of the result of physical contact between the reviewer and the product itself.  We never write a review without touching, feeling and testing every product personally!

Away From Reviewing.

Away from reviewing and to let you get to know me a little bit personally, I’m aged in my early/mid-thirties, engaged (To a wonderful lady!), a father of 2 girls and a massive fan of motorsports, especially F1. If you follow me on Twitter you might see the occasional F1 related tweet from to time. Before reviewing I came from the building maintenance world, so I know quite a lot in terms of electrical, plumbing and my personal specialty of air conditioning. I love all thing technology, and really get excited to review a new tech related product or gadget, I can’t resist a good/bad gadget!

In June 2018 Matthew Crozier joined the site after being impressed with what he saw.  Matthew brings with him an in-depth knowledge about Torches and EDC Accessories.  I honestly cannot praise the work of Matthew enough; his reviews are top-notch!

November 2018, I decided to take the huge task of modernising the site to what you see today as the old layout was tired and didn’t fit well with the plans I have going forward. I think the new layout is clean, modern and easy to navigate between reviews.

The Future.

Moving forward I intend to keep growing My Helpful Hints and build upon the following that we’ve currently achieved.

I hope more well-known brands will join us along the way and I hope most importantly you enjoy reading, commenting and sharing the reviews on this site to your family and friends. Each review takes time to complete as each review is unique.

Thank you for reading this, and as ever if you want to make contact you can, also don’t forget to follow me on social media too!

All the best,