Let me introduce myself. I’m Darren, a 30-something, father of two from the UK. I’m also a massive F1 fan, like bordering on obsessive.

My Helpful Hints started out in October 2017 and has steadily grown to be the go-to place for unique, honest and unbiased product reviews. So how did it all come about?

Fake reviews! They’re everywhere, selling platforms are littered with them. I get offered (and I’m not making this up) hundreds of these fake review offers each month. They all want one thing, a fake positive review!

The My Helpful Hints website has never and will never accept payment/a product in exchange for a fake positive review. All the My Helpful Hints reviews are 100% honest.

Unlike some other ‘review websites’ all the reviews published have been physically tried out. Some sites write reviews, without ever testing any of the items that they’re writing about.

Reviews are written in a light-humoured manner, nothing is taken too seriously.

To date (correct as of July 2021) over 450 reviews have been written for hundreds of different brands too. I’m proud when my reviews are the reason behind many a success story too, this happens quite often, but only if these products are good though.


  • October 2017: Website created.
  • October 2017: Orange square with a white H logo first appeared.
  • November 2017: First product review published.
  • February 2018: Product Copywriting added as a service.
  • May 2018: First subscription box review published.
  • November 2018: Lightbulb logo first appeared.
  • December 2018: Overhaul of website, including custom CSS.
  • July 2020: Small Business Directory Launched.
  • October 2020: New Orange and Black MHH logo launched (currently in use).
  • October 2020: Website overhaul.
  • January 2021: My Helpful Hints becomes a registered trademark.
  • July 2021: New website design, designed for speed (version currently in use).
  • October 2021: Reached 10K followers on Twitter.

In July 2021, My Helpful Hints ranked in the top 150K of websites globally and achieved a 40/100 domain authority score. (Source SEMRush)

Social Media has a massive impact of everything we do. The My Helpful Hints Twitter account current SparkScore Engagement score is 71/100, this is a comparison with other accounts with between 7,000 and 10,000 followers.

My Helpful Hints currently averages 8.39 likes per tweet, while similar accounts average around 1.46 likes and averages 7.58 retweets per tweet, while the similar accounts average around 0.51 retweets.


Keep progressing with honest reviews. My Helpful Hints has already reviewed for many well-known household brands, and this would be great to keep continuing to do so.

Aside from more reviews, the bigger plans include a dedicated web server, this will improve the website loading speed even further, this is in the pipeline very soon.

All the best,


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