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XTAR PB2SL Battery Charger

Today I’ll be writing a review for the XTAR PB2SL Battery Charger. I have reviewed a few XTAR products over the years, and previously, one of them was the XTAR PB2S Battery Charger. The PB2SL is the latest model in XTAR’s PB battery charger range. What makes the PB2SL different to the PB2SL? At first …

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XTAR VC4SL Battery Charger

Today I’ll be writing about the XTAR VC4SL Battery Charger, an upgraded model to the XTAR VC4L Battery Charger which I’ve previously written about. Upon looking at the two models, very little seems to of changed. I guess if it’s not broke, don’t fix it. The VC4SL has some improvements with regards being compatible with …

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TACKLIFE DC01 Digital Caliper

Today I’ll be writing about the TACKLIFE DC01 Digital Caliper. This affordable measuring tool is something you never knew you needed, until you realise after all that you can’t be without it. You can easily switch between both inches and millimetre measurements, internal, external and depth measurement. The clear LCD screen is easy to read. …

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XTAR VC4L Battery Charger

Today I’ll be writing about the XTAR VC4L Battery Charger. A 4-bay battery charger that is powered via a USB-C 5V DC source. The VC4L can charge a huge range of batteries, including: 3.6V/3.7V LI-ION/IMR/INR/ICR: 10440 14500 14650 16340 17335 17500 17670 18350 18490 18500 18650 18700 20700 21700 22650 25500 32650; 1.2V NI-MH NI-CD: …

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Amgaze Digital Anemometer

Today I’m going to reviewing the Amgaze Digital Anemometer. This little LCD screened device can record wind speed, whilst also display ambient air temperature. An anemometer is a device used to measure windspeed and derives from the Greek word anemos, which means wind.

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