Rusty Barrel Mayfair Cocktail Shaker Set

Today I’ll be writing about the Rusty Barrel Mayfair Cocktail Shaker Set. Rusty Barrel is a premium branded cocktail mixing kit company. Previous reviews include BBC Good Food and The Times, now they can add My Helpful Hints to their collection.

Each set comes equipped with everything you need to start making first-class cocktails, in the comfort of your own home. Rusty Barrel have numerous sets, each slightly different and suitable for every taste. Half the fun of cocktails is the process itself. The Rusty Barrel utensils and clear instructions are perfect partners to begin your journey with into the world of mixology. Read more about Rusty Barrel Mayfair Cocktail Shaker Set

Natura Emporium

Today I’ll be writing about Natura Emporium. A small business run by Dr Nichola Cosgrove, who set up a natural, vegan and cruelty free business in Northern France. Dr Nichola, a British national moved to France with her partner and has 2 daughters, one of whom became the reason for Natura Emporium to begin trading. Dr Nichola’s eldest daughter developed horrific eczema and allergies, which led to a scary anaphylactic episode. It was at this moment that something had to be done, the treatments the doctors were suggesting were the same as Dr Nichola herself had been using 20 years previously. Nothing had changed in the industry over these years. Read more about Natura Emporium

Butterfly Garden Solar Lights

Today I’ll be reviewing these Butterfly Garden Solar Lights from TekHome. You get a set of three fibre-optic-coloured butterflies with LED stems, suitable for outdoor use.

Each butterfly cycles through 7 different coloured light colours, with plenty of blended colours in between too.

You’ll be pleased to hear each light is IP65 waterproof rated. So, ideal for outdoor moisture, including and rain and snow. Read more about Butterfly Garden Solar Lights

Paint Paws

Today I’m excited to be writing a review for Paint Paws, a fabulous small business run by artist Julie Hollinshead. Julie is a talented artist who specialises in pet portraits. I’ve been in awe at some of her work and was thrilled when Julie approached me asking if I’d like to collaborate on a review. I knew she’d do a lovely picture of Tammy too.

I wanted to be treated the same as everyone else who approaches Julie to get a portrait commissioned. So, my experiences would be the same as anyone else, no special treatment at all. Read more about Paint Paws