Witty Battery Saver

Today I’m writing a review for the Witty Battery Saver. Witty approached me a few weeks ago and asked if I’d like to review for them, they’re an Italian start up, with a recent successful KickStarter campaign. Now, they’re looking to break into other geographical areas, such as the UK. Witty is fighting a battle […]

BLON Fat Girl Earphones

Today I’ll be writing a review for the BLON Fat Girl Earphones, I’ve reviewed for the brand BLON a few times now. It’s a budget friendly and great audio brand and is available on the KeepHifi website. The outer body is constructed from aluminium alloy and finished with a scratch-resistant gunmetal anodize process. A 10mm […]

Wuben C2 2000 Lumen Power Bank Flashlight

Today I’ll be writing a review for the Wuben C2 2000 Lumen Power Bank Flashlight. Wuben approached me the other month and asked if I’d be interested in reviewing for them, a quick look at their website and I agreed. I love working for a new brand and the Wuben brand looks great too. Hopefully […]

ilikable Vacuum Shower Caddy

Today I’ll be writing a review for the ilikable Vacuum Shower Caddy. This bathroom storage caddy requires no fixings or glue to store your bathroom essentials. A quick search through Amazon and you’ll be immersed in thousands of vacuum bathroom caddies. Lots of different designs and with varied feedback too. I have used a few […]

Elegear Arc-Chill T-Shirt

Today something different for the My Helpful Hints website, the Elegear Arc-Chill T-Shirt. First review for an item of clothing, and both an exciting, but also a strange experience at the same time. I’ve reviewed for Elegear previously, they accept an honest appraisal, the type of brand I like to work with, a brand that […]