Garden Tools

BIBURY Multifunction Garden Pruner

Today I’m going to be reviewing the BIBURY Multifunction Garden Pruner. This time of year, everything seems to come alive in my garden and having a small garden tool available should make life a little easier. I have large, more heavy-duty garden tools, but for the odd small job they seem to big and clumsy. […]

Kent and Stowe Garden Tools

I’ve been very kindly sent some Kent and Stowe Garden Tools for review.  My garden was looking a bit overgrown and urgently needed some hard graft to put it back into shape, so I was grateful for this review to come along! I’ve been sent 5 different products (Although the General-Purpose Lopper also comes with […]

Waldbeck Telescopic Apple Picker

The Waldbeck Telescopic Apple Picker is an extendable fruit tree cutter.  The unique cutting design allows you to easily cut Apples, Pears, and any other high growing fruits.