GlobaLink PD Fast Charger

Today I’ll be writing about the GlobaLink PD Fast Charger. This twin charging plug features both USB-C and USB-A outlets to accommodate for a huge range of devices.

Included with the charger is a USB-C to Lightning cable, this enables you to quick charge your iPhone. You get 20W of power and it’s advertised that you can charge your iPhone 8 from 0% battery level to 50% within 30 minutes.

The GlobaLink PD Fast Charger is also Apple MFI certified too, so you’re guaranteed 100% compatibility without the dreaded Accessory Not Supported message on your screen. Read more about GlobaLink PD Fast Charger

GTWIN Magnetic USB Cable

Today I’m going to be reviewing the GTWIN Magnetic USB Cable. Magnetic cables have been around for a while, but now come with a 360° swivel movement. This is a fantastic improvement, previously the previous type of cables did dis-connect and re-connect whilst you were using your device.

GTWIN is a AliExpress brand, they stock all sorts of mobile phone gadgetry and accessories. And for incredible prices too, todays piece cost just £1.62, and with free UK delivery too. Read more about GTWIN Magnetic USB Cable

ATUMTEK Monitor Stand Riser

I’ll be writing today about the ATUMTEK Monitor Stand Riser.

ATUMTEK produce many different types of monitor stands, and other mobile phone stands and accessories, including selfie tripods. All products come with a no-hassle 3-year warranty.

Today I’ll be writing about their monitor stand riser, a basic set-up that can be used for all monitor types, including laptops. It has a multi-position design, along with ventilation to ensure your device maintains consistent airflow and cooling. Read more about ATUMTEK Monitor Stand Riser

HP Notebook 15-db0049na Laptop

Today I’ll be writing about the HP Notebook 15-db0049na Laptop. This is a follow-on review from the drama of the iOTA BASE Desktop PC.

I’ve been using this laptop for just over 6 months and thought now is the right time to share my experiences.

I wanted a half-decent laptop, nothing super powerful, but with enough processing speed to allow me to use it every day. The HP Notebook 15-db0049na certainly had everything I needed. It has 1TB HDD storage, has 4GB RAM DDR4, and an AMD A4 9125 processor. Read more about HP Notebook 15-db0049na Laptop

gw-Power PD Wall Charger

Today I’ll be writing about the gw-Power PD Wall Charger. This UK wall adaptor features both a USB-A and USB-C charging port.

gw-Power advertise on this charger can deliver a 50% charge to your USB-C device in 30 minutes. It features Quick Charge (QC) 3.0 technology. Read more about gw-Power PD Wall Charger