APEMAN H45 Wildlife Camera

Today I’ll be writing about the APEMAN H45 Wildlife Camera. I’ve had this in my review collection for some time, a pandemic, poor weather and poor memory are all to blame. But, finally it’s here, my review for the APEMAN H45 Wildlife Camera. It’s probably been superseded by 3 models since, but hey, I’m still […]

Amgaze Digital Anemometer

Today I’m going to reviewing the Amgaze Digital Anemometer. This little LCD screened device can record wind speed, whilst also display ambient air temperature. An anemometer is a device used to measure windspeed and derives from the Greek word anemos, which means wind.

OKELAY Ski Gloves

The OKELAY Ski Gloves are designed to be both warm and practical, with an outer waterproof layer and multi-layered thermal materials. You get a zipped storage area on both gloves, an adjustable cuff area and a non-slip palm.


The KWOW LED POI Balls are multi-coloured glowing pair of balls that can be used for both professional and amateur dance routines. These are great for festivals, clubs, parties, raves, as well as dance performances.

SGODDE Monocular Telescope

The SGODDE Monocular Telescope is a portable viewing device that can be used for your smartphone. You get a clear 24X30 telescope with magnification of 8X – 24X and all the necessary accessories so you can use it with just about any smartphone.