GT SONIC Ultrasonic Cleaner

Today I’ll be reviewing the GT SONIC Ultrasonic Cleaner. Ultrasonic cleaners are a popular way of cleaning many items, including jewellery, laboratory and other industries. The market is currently flooded with different models, with a range of prices and volume capacities. There’re many people who’d benefit from an ultrasonic cleaner. But it’s a financial investment […]

ManChDa Mechanical Pocket Watch

The ManChDa Mechanical Pocket Watch is a modern retake on a timeless classic with a unique and highly detailed design. The hollow pattern outer case features a Dragon and Phoenix, whilst the reverse shows the inner workings with beautiful intricate detail.

Klarstein Lugano Watch Winder

The Klarstein Lugano Watch Winder is a machine that can wind up automatic watches. You get 4 different rotation modes, and this watch winder can rotate in both a clockwise and anti-clockwise direction.