Flopping Fish Cat Toy

Today’s review is for the Flopping Fish Cat Toy. Another product review for Tammy, who’s 1st birthday is today. This cat toy is rechargeable and very realistic looking.

The movement only occurs when your cat touches the fish, so you can leave it on, and the battery will last longer.

Made from Cotton which has been designed to be not only soft but also durable. Read more about Flopping Fish Cat Toy


Today I’ll be writing a review for the X-CHENG Cat Toy. A rechargeable multi-functional cat toy that features a laser with 5 different patterns.

This product is not only suitable for your cat, it’s also suitable for use as a UV light and a torch.

Another huge benefit of this product is that you don’t need to replace any batteries as it’s rechargeable via a USB port. Read more about X-CHENG Cat Toy

nukka Cat Scratcher

Today I’ll be writing a review for the nukka Cat Scratcher. This eco-friendly cat scratching and lounge pad has been designed for the comfort and enjoyment of your cat.

My not so little now kitten Tammy is a fussy, playful bundle of fur, so when I saw the opportunity to review the nukka I jumped at it. Not only do you get a cat scratching pad, but you also get a free teaser toy, which I was sure she’d love. The pad however I wasn’t sure if she’d like it as she is fussy and would rather claw at our Divan bed base! Read more about nukka Cat Scratcher

Pecute Cat Roller Toy

Today I’ll be reviewing the Pecute Cat Roller Toy. This toy has 4 different levels and features 4 different balls, and a mouse teaser toy too.

One of the balls has catnip inside and another features a bright LED light.

The mouse teaser toy is on a spring and sits on top of the roller toy, more on the teaser later. Read more about Pecute Cat Roller Toy

Aldi Laser Cat Toy

Today I’m going to be reviewing the Aldi Laser Cat Toy. As you may (or may not) be aware I know have a kitten in the household. We’ve had Tammy for over 5 months now.

If there’s one thing Tammy loves doing (aside from a lot of eating and sleeping) it’s playing. She’s very active and has lots of energy. Read more about Aldi Laser Cat Toy