Elegear Lumbar Support Cushion

Today I’m going to be reviewing the Elegear Lumbar Support Cushion. A new brand for the My Helpful Hints website. I love when a new brand contacts me and asks for a review. Elegear stock all sorts of homeware, home electricals and gadgets on Amazon. The Elegear Lumbar Support Cushion is a self-inflating back support […]

Kalm Koala Weighted Blanket

Today I’m writing about the Kalm Koala Weighted Blanket. You can’t check on your social media these days without seeing an advert for weighted blankets. They’re everywhere! I’m autistic and I’ve seen many other autistic people purchase a weighted blanket and claim it helps them. I’m a sceptical person and unless I try it for […]

Supportiback Contour Pillow

Today I’ll be writing about the Supportiback Contour Pillow. A memory foam pillow which features an integrated cooling gel pad. This pillow has been designed for all sleeping positions.

Supportiback offer a 100-night sleep money back guarantee. It’s nice when a brand has so much confidence in their product that they can offer such guarantees. Read more about Supportiback Contour Pillow

NEOMEN Earwax Remover

Today’s review is for the NEOMEN Earwax Remover. A soft silicone tipped remover that has been designed to safely remove built-up earwax. Pain free!

Each tip is washable and reusable and highly flexible.

This pack contains 16 disposable tips, so perfect for long term use, and great value for money. Read more about NEOMEN Earwax Remover

FUMENTON Silicone Ear Plugs

Today I’ll be writing about these FUMENTON Silicone Ear Plugs. As an Autistic individual over-bearing background noises can become too much for me to handle. So, the idea behind these reusable ear plugs sound great.

You get two different sized ear plugs, a regular (Orange) and a pro version (Blue). I don’t quite understand the regular/pro arrangement. Surely a better naming would be something like standard/extra? Read more about FUMENTON Silicone Ear Plugs