Telescopes & Monoscopes

HX-1821 Telephoto Lens

Today I’ll be writing about the HX-1821 Telephoto Lens. I’ve previously reviewed a similar product in 2018 and thoroughly enjoyed the review. It was nice to get out in nature and be at one with the surrounding countryside near to my house. That review turned out to be quite popular, and so when I got […]

Zhumell Z114 Telescope

Today’s review is something a little different for the My Helpful Hints website, I’m reviewing the Zhumell Z114 Telescope. This portable altazimuth reflector telescope is an amateur desktop telescope that is the perfect starting telescope for any budding astronomer.

SGODDE Monocular Telescope

The SGODDE Monocular Telescope is a portable viewing device that can be used for your smartphone. You get a clear 24X30 telescope with magnification of 8X – 24X and all the necessary accessories so you can use it with just about any smartphone.