Aourow LED Solar Festoon Lights

Today, I’ll be reviewing the Aourow LED Solar Festoon Lights. I haven’t reviewed for Aourow previously, so when they approached me asking for a review, I was certainly intrigued, they have quite the awesome product range on Amazon. These LED outdoor lights have a few features, which I’ll explain in this review, but for the […]

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Avoalre Christmas String Lights

Today I’ll be writing a review for these Avoalre Christmas String Lights. These lights are battery operated, which isn’t anything exciting until you hear you get 40M worth 300 LED’s! Yes, 300 LED’s that are battery operated. You can use these lights both internally and externally too, and also have a choice of colours too,

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Avoalre 40cm Christmas Wreath

Something totally different to the My Helpful Hints website today, the Avoalre 40cm Christmas Wreath. Yep, that’s right a Christmas wreath, yes, I know it’s October, but you got to plan with these things. We all know what a wreath is, so that helps with at least 40% of the review. The Avoalre 40cm Christmas

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MACTREM 10″ Ring Light

Today I’ll be writing about the MACTREM 10″ Ring Light. This ring light comes with an adjustable tripod that can extend up to 147.0cm and can also double up as a selfie sick too. MACTREM are a decent, affordable brand that I’ve been lucky enough to review for a few times now, never had any

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MACTREM Video Conference Lighting Kit

Today I’ll be writing about the MACTREM Video Conference Lighting Kit. It’s been a while since I last reviewed for MACTREM, so I jumped at the chance to review again for this affordable technology brand. Today’s review is for a LED rechargeable light that can be used via the supplied tripod, or a clamp that

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