Srhythm NC15 ANC Headphones

Its Srhythm day at My Helpful Hints HQ, and today I’ll be writing about the Srhythm NC15 ANC Headphones. This is the fourth model from Srhythm that I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing for, they’re a fantastic audio brand and my firm favourite go to audio brand.

Today it’s the turn of the NC15, I’ve previously reviewed the NC25, NC35, and NC75 ANC (Active Noise Cancelling) headphone models, and I’ve always been extremely impressed. Read more about Srhythm NC15 ANC Headphones

Kokoon Sleep Headphones

Today I’ll be writing about the Kokoon Sleep Headphones. These headphones have been designed to help you get a great night’s sleep. They’re a hefty £315.00, so should be the best of the best in terms of sleep aids. Kokoon also advertise that these headphones can be used for other uses aside from just sleeping, […]

Srhythm NC35 ANC Headphones

Today I’ll be reviewing these Srhythm NC35 ANC Headphones. This is the third model I’ve reviewed for Srhythm, it’s no secret that I’m a massive fan of their products. I’ve previously reviewed the NC25 and NC75.

Srhythm have also generously provided giveaway prizes for both models previously, meaning many of my readers are now enjoying these superb headphones. Read more about Srhythm NC35 ANC Headphones

Symphonized Blast Headphones

First review for 2020 is for the Symphonized Blast Headphones. This brand is quickly building a large social media fan base. I’m also a fan too! I love the previous products that I’ve reviewed for Symphonized. So, I’m super-excited for these cool looking headphones. These headphones feature a 4.1 Bluetooth connection which has a strong […]