You may be wondering, what exactly is MHHSBD? What does it all mean? Well, hopefully in a minute or two you’ll have a better understanding, know exactly how it can benefit you/your business, and be intrigued enough to give us a try. Well, that is the plan anyway.


MHHSBD stands for the My Helpful Hints Small Business Directory.

MHHSBD was started in July 2020, during the height of the pandemic, there was a notable need for help struggling small business thrive during these uncertain times. Businesses needed help support, encouragement and most of all, a community that truly understood what was needed to survive.

Every profile allows you to enter either or both a website link, or a selling platform link. This link is a ‘Do Follow’ backlink, for those that are building up their Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), acquiring a ‘Do Follow’ backlink is essential. Having this link means a better search engine placement. You can also add your selling platform links too, this means any potential customer can be directed straight to your selling pages.

Every profile allows you to add social media links from X (formally known as Twitter), Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, LinkedIn and many more. These links direct custoemrs directly to your socail media pages allowing them to make direct contact with you.

You can also upload multiple images about you/your business, these images sell your business. You know the saying ‘An image says a thousand words’, well a MHHSBD profile allows 10 images for a free trial user, 20 for a Standard subscription and unlimited image uploads for our Premium users. Far more than any other directory currently available. You’re also free to login into your account and make changes whenever you like during your membership too.

That’s not all, you can ask your customer to leave reviews directly onto your profile too, this not only adds trust, but also adds more SEO weight to your MHHSBD profile as the reviews can show on a Google search.

Hopefully saving the best to last her. The search facility within the MHHSBD pages searches for all words used within your profile bio, so it’s important to be clear, concise, and actively promote what it is you do. There’s no character limit either, go for it, use fonts, colours, bullet points and more. It’s completely up to you.

Yes. We have multiple small business support forums on both X and Facebook too, here you can ask other community members questions, speak to experts, share your pet pics and much more. It’s your community.

We also use the special hashtag #MHHSBD across all of our social media networks, community members too, this tag currently gets a few million views per day on X and a few thousand on Facebook and Instagram too.

By simply signing up and using the #MHHSBD you’ll  gain new followers, increased social media reach and instantly have a customer base, yes, actively seeing customers use the #MHHSBD tag too for shopping and supporting small businesses.

There’s more. MHHSBD memebers also offer discounted products and services exclusively to other MHHSBD members, some of these discount are worth hundreds alone, and some feature top social media help from experts and other from selling platforms like Etsy too. These discounts aren’t always available anywhere else. They’re exclusive to MHHSBD members only.

Yes. So long as you have a legal business, you’ll be accepted, by legal we mean you’re not selling dugs or other prohibited items in accordance with the law. We accept all sole traders, right up to a business with employees, and from anywhere in the world too. We already have business from the UK, USA, Canada, New Zealand, France and many more. We are a real international small business supportive community.

We have two plans available. Our standard plan costs just £10 per year, this has been the same set price since 2020.

We also have a Premium plan which costs £25.

When you sign up, your subscription is through Stripe. We also offer a free 14 day trial too, no credit/debit card information is required for the trail either, simply try, and then decide for yourself, that’s how confident we are that you’ll love being a MHHSBD member.

The Standard Plan equips you with a comprehensive directory listing that tells your story. Craft a compelling description, embed your YouTube masterpiece, showcase your best in 20 vibrant images (or 10 for free trial users!), connect with customers via social media, earn a valuable Do Follow backlink for your website, list your selling platforms, and let your customers sing your praises with built-in reviews.

Ready to unleash your full potential? The Premium Plan delivers game-changing features on top of your Standard Plan essentials, including:

  • 5x Google SEO Keywords: Unlock the ultimate search engine visibility with 5x the Google SEO juice. Watch your MHHSBD listing rise through the ranks and command attention on Google.
  • Badge: Premium members stand out from the crowd with a distinguished badge adorning their MHHSBD listing.
  • Live Chat: Skip the email chains and connect instantly with potential customers using our powerful Live Chat feature. Respond in real-time: Answer questions, address concerns, and close deals right on the spot. Never let a hot lead go cold again! Build instant rapport: Chat creates a more personal experience, fostering trust and loyalty with your customers. Boost conversions: Studies show that live chat can increase conversion rates by up to 40%. Turn browsers into buyers with ease! Never miss a message: All chat history is automatically saved in your Control Panel for future reference. Keep track of every conversation and never forget a detail. Stay organised: Email transcripts of each chat are sent directly to you, ensuring you have a complete record of your interactions.
  • FAQ’s: Skip the guesswork! Answer your customers’ biggest questions upfront with our easy-to-access FAQ section on your MHHSBD profile. No need to contact you, just get the answers they need instantly.
  • Business Hours: Tired of missed connections and confused customers? Take control of your schedule and showcase your operating hours directly on your MHHSBD profile! Clarity and Convenience: No more wondering if you’re open. Potential customers can instantly see your exact operating hours, avoiding missed opportunities and frustration.
    Reduced Enquiries: By proactively displaying your schedule, you eliminate the need for customers to contact you for this basic information, freeing up your time for other tasks.
    Professional Touch: Displaying your operating hours adds a layer of professionalism and organisation to your MHHSBD profile, building trust and confidence with potential customers.
    Flexibility is Key: Easily update your hours anytime they change, ensuring your profile always reflects your current availability.
  • Google Maps: Get instantly found by customers! Claim your spot on our Google Maps-integrated system and make it a breeze for them to locate you. Your MHHSBD listing becomes their personal guide, leading them straight to your doorstep.

Head over to MHHSBD page and register for an account, registration is quick and easy. Then fill out a profile. We’ll then process your profile as soon as we can and set you up within our community.

Hopefully that’s giving you a better understanding of what MHHSBD is and how it can help you/your business, if you’d like to know any more information please reach out to us on X (formally known as Twitter), search for @MHHSBD and we’ll get back to you ASAP.