Fitness Trackers

PINGKO PK-B8 Fitness Tracker

The PINGKO PK-B8 Fitness Tracker is a new product available from the PINGKO brand. I’ve reviewed many different PINGKO products and always look forward to reviewing their newest range. I’ve also reviewed many different fitness trackers on this website too. Can this new fitness tracker from PINKGO stand out from the crowd?

Torus Pro N68 Fitness Tracker

The Torus Pro N68 Fitness Tracker is an all-in-one fitness tracker that records your heart rate, blood oxygen levels, steps taken and how many calories you’ve burned throughout the day. You can also get alerts displayed on the OLED screen itself, you can see your SMS, Social Media Alerts and incoming call alerts.

Hocent HR Fitness Tracker

The Hocent HR Fitness Tracker is activity fitness tracker that will record your daily steps, calories burnt, and heart rate all in a colourful LED displayed watch. You get the latest nRF 52832 Central Processing Unit that will make quick decisive calculations.

Lintelek ID115Plus HR Fitness Tracker

The Lintelek ID115Plus HR Fitness Tracker is an all in one fitness tracker that can accurately track your daily movements and record them. You get an easy to operate touch responsive OLED screen which makes light work of navigating through different menus.

PINGKO K15 Fitness Tracker

The PINGKO K15 Fitness Tracker is an everyday bracelet that can display the time, steps taken, distance walked, and your daily calories burned all in an easy to read OLED display. This fitness band can automatically sync date and time, has call and message notifications, it also has remote camera control function.  The PINGKO K15 […]