Butterfly Garden Solar Lights

Today I’ll be reviewing these Butterfly Garden Solar Lights from TekHome. You get a set of three fibre-optic-coloured butterflies with LED stems, suitable for outdoor use.

Each butterfly cycles through 7 different coloured light colours, with plenty of blended colours in between too.

You’ll be pleased to hear each light is IP65 waterproof rated. So, ideal for outdoor moisture, including and rain and snow. Read more about Butterfly Garden Solar Lights

Oliphant Home Tweet Home Birdhouse

Today I’ll be reviewing the Oliphant Home Tweet Home Birdhouse. I’ve reviewed many products over the last 3 years for Oliphant (and their sister companies) on this website. I love gadgets, so when Oliphant get in touch and send me some samples to review, I can’t help but get excited.

So, last week I got a delivery, and it’s a full box of cool looking products to review. I’ll be starting with this birdhouse, but you’ll want to check back over the coming weeks to see what else was sent to me. Read more about Oliphant Home Tweet Home Birdhouse

BIBURY Multifunction Garden Pruner

Today I’m going to be reviewing the BIBURY Multifunction Garden Pruner. This time of year, everything seems to come alive in my garden and having a small garden tool available should make life a little easier.

I have large, more heavy-duty garden tools, but for the odd small job they seem to big and clumsy. That’s where the BIBURY pruner comes in. It’s small, lightweight and can do the odd small job around your garden without any issue. Read more about BIBURY Multifunction Garden Pruner

Kent and Stowe Garden Tools

I’ve been very kindly sent some Kent and Stowe Garden Tools for review.  My garden was looking a bit overgrown and urgently needed some hard graft to put it back into shape, so I was grateful for this review to come along!

I’ve been sent 5 different products (Although the General-Purpose Lopper also comes with a Turbo Saw too, so really, it’s 6) to test out and I will go on below in further detail about each one. Read more about Kent and Stowe Garden Tools