Music & Accessories

Hearprotek Earplugs

The Hearprotek Earplugs have been designed to reduce or even block out any unwanted background noise. You get two different pairs of silicone ear tips, and three different filters that block out low, medium or high noises.


The SOLMORE LED Party Light is a small but bright LED party light that has many different light colours and combinations. You get a fully functioning remote control and a supporting bracket that allows you to attach your light to any surface.

Elfeland UV LED Bar Light

The Elfeland UV LED Bar Light is a party Black light that produces a super bright and flicker-free disco lighting effect. This UV LED bar light creates awesome lighting effects with fluorescent body paints and ink, balloons, candles, cosmetics, bubbles, sticks and wall stickers that glow in the dark!

MINGHAIDI Magic Karaoke Player

The MINGHAIDI Magic Karaoke Player is an all in-one microphone and audio speaker system. You can use the microphone for karaoke or even used just as a microphone.  You’re able to use this microphone on all iOS, Android, and other Bluetooth enabled devices.