MECO Keyboard Vacuum Cleaner

Today’s review is for the MECO Keyboard Vacuum Cleaner. This little portable vacuum cleaner will clean your keyboard and other small electronic devices with ease.

Using a rechargeable 2000mAh Lithium-Ion battery and featuring a Micro USB charging port, this small device can be useful around the home. Read more about MECO Keyboard Vacuum Cleaner

The NTK10

Nitecore NTK10 Titanium Utility Knife

Nitecore have discovered the potential of branching into other areas of EDC (everyday carry) and have produced their very first knife – the Nitecore NTK10 Titanium Utility Knife which presumably stands for Nitecore Titanium Knife. They sent me a sample to review – this will be my first ever knife review, so I hope you enjoy it and find it useful and informative. Read more about Nitecore NTK10 Titanium Utility Knife