KG Physio 3KG Dumbbells

These KG Physio 3KG Dumbbells are made from a Neoprene coating over a cast iron structure.

The subtle flat shape of the top and bottom of the dumbbell means that it will not roll away, making for convenient and easy storage anywhere in the home.

You also get included an awesome double sided pull out poster with images of 32 exercises for a great home workout.

Packaging and Contents.

The KG Physio 3KG Dumbbells comes packaged in a plain Brown cardboard box. The box measures 19.0cm x 16.5cm x 9.0cm and weighs 6.2KG.

Image shows the outer box for the KG Physio 3KG Dumbbells
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When you open your KG Physio 3KG Dumbbells box you’ll find: 1x Pair of Dumbbells, 1x Exercise Poster.

Image shows the included contents in a laid out position.
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KG Physio 3KG Dumbbells.

The KG Physio 3KG Dumbbells are made internally from cast iron and covered in a Neoprene coating. They’re Orange in colour (KG Physio have different colours for different weighted dumbbells). Each dumbbell measures in width 18.0cm x a height of 7.5cm. The handle measures 10.5cm in length x 12.0cm in circumference.

Image shows the pair of dumbbells on top of each other.
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The Neoprene coating on each dumbbell ensures that you can grip the dumbbell with ease (even with sweat).  Also, being coated in Neoprene means you can easily and hygienically clean each dumbbell after use.

The hexagonal shape also ensures that no matter which way you lay down the dumbbells they won’t roll away.

Side by side view of the KG Physio 3KG Dumbbells.
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KG Physio also supply you with an A3 sized exercise poster too, this is great as it shows you different exercise positions and gives you a thorough workout.

Technical Specifications.

  • Brand: KG Physio
  • Model: 3KG Dumbbells
  • Model Code: CC-KI7H-TRLD
  • EAN: N/A
  • ASIN: B076GRTC3Z
  • Compliance: CE


These dumbbells from KG Physio are just fantastic. They are very grippy too, perfect for when you’re working out and break into a sweat.  I also like the poster that is included too, not only do you get a great pair of dumbbells, you also get a workout too!

Overall I highly recommend the purchase of these dumbbells.

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