Nitecore EC4GTS Flashlight

Hello everyone! Today, I will be reviewing the Nitecore EC4GTS Flashlight, one of their updated flashlights with an improved brightness, run time and more!

Nitecore TUP Keychain Flashlight

The Nitecore TUP Keychain Flashlight is Nitecore’s newest keychain light. It is revolutionary, as it is the first keychain light that I am aware of that can emit 1,000 lumens. However, is it worth the money? In my review, I will be going over all of the features in detail so that you may decide […]

Weltool L1 Camping Lantern

Nowadays, there are so many rechargeable flashlights and lanterns with built-in batteries, it is rare to see one using “old-fashioned” batteries. Even rarer to see a product using type D batteries. Enter the Weltool L1 Camping Lantern.

JASHKE Tactical LED Torch

The JASHKE Tactical LED Torch is a twin pack of torches that come with a rugged, protective case. You get two torches, and each has 6 different lighting modes, including a hidden centre lantern light mode.

Nitecore MT21C Flashlight

The Nitecore MT21C Flashlight is one of Nitecore’s recent releases from the “Multi-Task” range of flashlights. It has a unique, angle-adjustable head. As with all Nitecore products, the threads are well-lubricated, which makes screwing / unscrewing the tail cap or battery tube a smooth, easy process. Thanks to the magnetic tail cap, the gold-plated spring […]