Luxvista B22 LED Filament Candle Light Bulbs

Today I’m going to be reviewing some Luxvista B22 LED Filament Candle Light Bulbs.  I have a multi-pack of 5 4W B22 Bayonet Warm White bulbs. They’re a direct replacement for a standard incandescent 2-prong UK standard light bulb but will save you shed loads of cash on your energy bills and help the environment […]

Bonlux 40W E27 LED Studio Light

Today’s review is for the Bonlux 40W E27 LED Studio Light. This light bulb can be used for photographic lamps and your get a choice of either a E27 or B22 base. You get a 40W lamp which produces a daylight rating of 5500K and is 90% more energy efficient compared to a standard CFL […]

Kano Pixel Kit

Today I’m going to be reviewing the Kano Pixel Kit. Follow the manual and build pixel board and afterwards learn to code using Kano’s free software. You can create custom light displays and images using the 128 LED lights which gives you 16 million colour combinations. You can also use it any platform including; Mac, […]

LED Moon Lamp

Today I’m going to be reviewing this realistic looking LED Moon Lamp. This lamp can be used as a night light or a mood light and comes with a wooden stand. The 3D textured surface replicates the surface of the moon, you get two different colour options and a varying light output using the touch […]

COOWOO LED Candelabra Bulbs

The COOWOO LED Candelabra Bulbs are a decorative set of LED filament bulbs that not only look very attractive but are also energy saving too. With only 4W of power they can produce the equivalent light output of a standard 40W bulb.