Amteker Rainbow Projector

The Amteker Rainbow Projector is an LED light reflecting projector that projects a colourful multi-coloured light onto any wall surface.

You get 5 LED lamps that light up the mirrored surface which then reflects this light onto a wall, thus giving the effect of a rainbow in your home. Read more about Amteker Rainbow Projector

Oliphant Golf Bag Pen Holder

The Oliphant Golf Bag Pen Holder is a fun and unique gift for any golf loving company executive.

You get three pens shaped like golf clubs.  The putter has Blue ink, the iron has Black ink, and the wood has Red ink.  All you need to do is remove the soft tip cover and reveal the nip and get writing. Read more about Oliphant Golf Bag Pen Holder

HYLOGY Pulse Oximeter

The HYLOGY Pulse Oximeter measures your blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) and heart rate with accurate results displayed on an easy to read digital OLED screen.

The HYLOGY fingertip oximeter screen can be adjusted to 4 different directions so all viewing angles can be catered for. Read more about HYLOGY Pulse Oximeter