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Something a little different for the My Helpful Hints website, today I’m going to reviewing for Tiger Gin. I was recently contacted by Tiger Gin and was asked if I’d be interested in doing a review. Of course, I said yes!

But what I wasn’t expecting was to receive three different samples in the post. Tiger Gin kindly sent me their original Gin, a Ruby Gin and a Tiger Vodka too.

Tiger Gin is the brainchild of JJ Lawrence from Shropshire, UK. Gin is his tipple of choice and one day thought, ‘wouldn’t it be nice to have my own Gin’. And so, after a sourcing an excellent distillery, Tiger Gin was born.

Both JJ Lawrence and the distillery worked tirelessly together to create the best formula for this Gin.

So, without any delay, let’s get to the review. I’ll be writing a separate piece about each of the three samples below.

Tiger Gin.

The Tiger Gin is a premium Gin that’s been distilled using pure English water. Ingredients included the finest botanical, spices and grains. These include, Juniper Berries Coriander Seeds, Angelica Root, Orange Peel, Cassia Bark, Liquorice Root, Nutmeg, Cinnamon Bark, Orris-root, and two other secret ingredients that Tiger Gin won’t officially announce.

Image shows a bottle of Tiger Gin.
Image of the Tiger Gin bottle – Image Source – Master of Malt (Subject to Copyright)

I found this Gin to be very pleasant and smooth to drink both on its own and mixed with Tonic Water. It didn’t have a harsh spirit taste and had that warming effect still. I believe non-Gin drinkers would be easily impressed by this formula. It’s also worth noting that all the ingredients are natural, with no artificial flavourings. 40% Alcohol by Volume (ABV).

Ruby Tiger Gin.

A beautifully pink coloured variant to the classic Gin from Tiger. With hints of British Rhubarb. I found this to be OK, but in my opinion not as smooth to drink as the original version. It’s certainly not unpleasant. But when mixed with Tonic water went very bitter. It’s better on its own unmixed.

But it certainly has the most wonderful pink colour. 40% Alcohol by Volume (ABV).

Image shows the Ruby Tiger Gin Bottle.
Image of the Ruby Tiger Gin bottle – Image Source – Master of Malt (Subject to Copyright)

Tiger Vodka.

This Vodka is made from the finest French Grains and is distilled four times to create a clean, clear look. Usually when you drink Vodka, you notice you’re drinking Vodka. But this Vodka didn’t have that classic spirit taste you’d normally expect. In fact, the Tiger Vodka is so smooth you’re able to drink it neat, probably the only time I’ve been able to achieve that. I also like the black bottle; it adds a touch of class to the product. 40% Alcohol by Volume (ABV).

Image show a bottle of Tiger Vodka
Image of the Tiger Vodka bottle – Image Source – Master of Malt (Subject to Copyright)


I’m now a fan of Tiger Gin. I liked both the Gins and the Vodka too. Although the Ruby Gin was OK, it wasn’t as good as the original Gin version in my opinion. The Vodka was a pleasant surprise though, so smooth tasting.

Overall, I’m impressed with what I’ve taste tested. I’ll be more than happy to recommend it to everyone. Perfect gift for any Gin loving individual.

If you want these Gins and the Vodka for yourself, they’re available for purchase only on the Tiger Gin website.

Product sample provided by Tiger Gin in exchange for a detailed, unbiased review.

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