BAIGIO Selighting Tactical Backpack

Today I’ll be writing about the BAIGIO Selighting Tactical Backpack. Another new brand for the My Helpful Hints website, BAIGIO is an online store specialises in all types of bags. Whether it be backpacks, tactical bags, clutch bags, and even bags for your bike, BAIGIO do it all.

I had free reign to choose any product from their website (living the high life) and selected the Selighting Tactical Backpack. It’s a large military inspired 40L back that is advertised as being highly durable, whilst also being comfortable too.

The outer nylon fabric is water-resistant, and you get multiple pockets and storage areas to suit all your storage requirements. The front small bag also detaches, making for a handy waist carry bag too.

But is this bag any good? Is it strong? Time to test it out!

Packaging and Contents.

The BAIGIO Selighting Tactical Backpack comes packaged in a plastic wrapper. Inside the wrapper you’ll see your bag.

Image shows the bag, it is brown in colour.
Product Image – Image Source – BAIGIO (Subject to Copyright)

You get a colour choice of either black or brown. I chose brown as I wanted a more subtle colour for walking and would hide mud if/when the bag would become dirty.

The bag measures 46.0cm in length x 40.0cm wide x 23.0cm in depth and has a 40-litre storage capacity. The bag weighs approximately 1.35KG. Shoulder straps measure ≤92.0cm in length, and have a width of 7cm, whilst the waist strap measure ≤130.0cm in length and has a width of 3.5cm.

BAIGIO Selighting Tactical Backpack.

One feature I quite like with the BAIGIO Selighting Tactical Backpack is the detachable bag. Here in the UK, it’s commonly known as a bum bag, whereas in the US it’s known as a fanny pack, which means something else in the UK, let’s just call it a waist bag, otherwise Google will think I’m writing a dirty novel about bums and poon.

The waist bag measures 22.0cm in length x 12.0cm in width x and 5.0cm in depth.

Image shows the detachable waist bag of the bag.
Product Image – Image Source – BAIGIO (Subject to Copyright)

I found the bag very comfortable on my back, the straps are fully adjustable, and you get a chest strap too which helps to keep the bag in place. The straps are nicely padded and features a mesh fabric design for both ventilation and comfort.

I counted 8 compartments (including waist bag), multiple elastic loop areas, plus handy plastic loops to attach your gear to also.

Image shows the different compartments.
Product Image – Image Source – BAIGIO (Subject to Copyright)

I tried and failed to rip the handles of the bag, so it would appear it’s well constructed and built to last.

Technical Specifications.

  • Brand: BAIGIO
  • Model: Selighting Tactical Backpack
  • Manufacturer Code: ‎N/A
  • Manufacturer Reference: N/A
  • EAN: N/A
  • ASIN: B081P24W1P
  • Colour options: Black, Brown
  • Volume: 40 L
  • Main material: Wear-resistant nylon fabric
  • Lining material: Waterproof coating & mercerised cotton
  • Compliance: N/A


I’m very impressed with the BAIGIO Selighting Tactical Backpack. It’s very durable and most importantly, it’s very comfortable. This bag is an ideal companion for those long walks, heavily padded straps ensure that you don’t get any abrasive pain.

I really like the idea of a detachable waist bag too, makes an ideal carry bag for everyday essentials, whilst being able to leave the main bag behind at your campsite for example.

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Product sample provided by BAIGIO in exchange for a detailed, unbiased review.

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