Betron E45 Speaker

The Betron E45 Speaker is another wonderful addition from the Betron speaker range.  It’s wireless 4.2 Bluetooth connection ensures that the signal is strong between the speaker and your device.

You get a sleek, modern looking electronic speaker that also has fantastic sound quality. Read more about Betron E45 Speaker

Sephia S3 Headphones

The Sephia S3 Headphones are a real treat for the ear.  You get a 40-mm driver unit and a wide frequency response from this bargain set of headphones.

The Sephia S3 comes with a built-inmicrophone, and can be used for iPhone, iPod, iPad, smartphones, tablets, computers and mp3 players. Read more about Sephia S3 Headphones

Betron E50 Speaker

The Betron E50 Speaker connects wirelessly to all your favourite devices such as the iPhone, iPod, iPad, smartphones, tablets, and other Bluetooth enabled devices.

The Betron digital system gives you clear high, warm mid-range, and rich low sound frequencies. Read more about Betron E50 Speaker

Kroots KRT20 Speaker

The Kroots KRT20 Speaker is a fully portable wireless Bluetooth speaker that can be taken just about anywhere.  Simply strap the speaker to your backpack, bike or kayak and enjoy music seamlessly with a fantastic Bluetooth connection. Read more about Kroots KRT20 Speaker