UGREEN Nexode RG 65W Charger

Today I’ll be writing a review for the UGREEN Nexode RG 65W Charger. I’ve previously reviewed a few items now for UGREEN. So, when UGREEN approached me again asking if I’d like to review their latest UK release, the robot charger, of course I said yes!

The RG charger comes in two cute designs, one in purple, and the other a plain black finish. UGREEN kindly sent me both designs, so for today’s review you’ll see a mixture of both throughout.

Aside from the obvious cuteness, these chargers are also packed full of technological advancements that you’ve come to expect from UGREEN. You get 65W fast charging, two USB-C and a single USB-A port. The UGREEN Nexode RG 65W Charger teams up with a GaNFast™ chip, which provides a 95% energy conversion efficiency, to reduce energy loss and effectively reduce heat generation during a charge. Powering electronic devices faster and helping the environment simultaneously.

You also get UGREEN’s Thermal Guard™ System. This system monitors temperature change in real-time (238+ times temperature readings a second) and intelligently distributes appropriate current to devices, providing a full, fast charge without damaging battery longevity.

So, are these chargers any good? Time to test them out!

Packaging and Contents.

The UGREEN Nexode RG 65W Charger comes packaged in a sleeved box which shows product images and specifications printed on it. The box measures 12.0cm x 12.0cm x 8.3cm and weighs 360G.

Image shows the outer packaging for the UGREEN Nexode RG 65W Charger. There's a purple box on the left and a black to the right.
Outer Packaging – Image Source – My Helpful Hints (Subject to Copyright)

Inside the box you’ll find the following: 1x UK Charger (other regional variations available), 1x English User Guide.

Image shows the included contents.
Contents Image – Image Source – My Helpful Hints (Subject to Copyright)

UGREEN doesn’t supply any cables, but I would highly recommend a UGREEN USB-C/USB-C cable, in fact I have a few and can’t rate them highly enough.

The cover area comes away and you’re left with a cute storage idea to protect the charger pins from damage, but honestly, the cover is for a cute aesthetic design.

Image shows the black charger with the base removed.
Cover Image – Image Source – My Helpful Hints (Subject to Copyright)

UGREEN Nexode RG 65W Charger.

Each UGREEN Nexode RG 65W Charger measures (with cover attached) 69.3mm in height x 54.9mm in width and has a depth of 61.5mm. Removing the cover/base each charger measures (in wall socket) 48.0mm in height x 54.9mm in width and has a depth of around 46.0mm. Each charger weighs 182G with the cover attached and 157G without.

Image shows both the purple and black charger sat side by side.
Chargers Image – Image Source – My Helpful Hints (Subject to Copyright)

On the top you’ll see the three charge ports. You get two USB-C and a single USB-A port on each charger.

Image shows the charger on it's side to reveal the charging ports.
Charge Ports Image – Image Source – My Helpful Hints (Subject to Copyright)

On the purple charger, you get a cute purple silicone bow too, which adds to the cuteness. My 13 year old daughter has already claimed the purple charger.


Depending on the charging port you select, you’ll get a different wattage output. I’ll try and explain this below.

For single port device charging, you get a 65W output on USB-C port number one, 30W on the second one, and 22.5W for a USB-A device.

For two port device charging, you 45W and 20W for two USB-C devices being charged at the same time, or 45W for a single USB-C device using port one and 18W for a USB-A device, or 7.5W if you use just the second USB-C port and 7.5W for a USB-A device charging.

Now, for all three ports being charged, you get 45W for the USB-C port number one, 7.5W for the second USB-C port, and 7.5W for the USB-A port.

Phew, that took some typing!

Image shows the purple charger with multiple device being charged of it.
Charging Image – Image Source – UGREEN (Subject to Copyright)

The cute face also serves a purpose too. Three faces, each determining the power status and charge cycle.

Image shows the black charger with the three face icons.
Charging Image – Image Source – UGREEN (Subject to Copyright)

You also get UGREEN’s Smart Power Distribution. This means each charger will automatically detect and deliver the optimal charging current to the device being plugged in.

The Nexode RG 65W Charger Family is compatible with all modern smartphones, tablets, and laptops, and supports various fast changer protocols including PD/QC/SCP/FCA. Compatible with Smartphone, Tablet, and Laptop.

Environmentally Friendly.

According to Navitas Semiconductor, every GaN chip made can reduce CO2 emissions by 4KG compared to traditional silicon chips. Statistically, in 2023 UGREEN chargers will reduce CO2 emissions by nearly 12,000 tons.

This is equivalent to the amount of CO2 generated by the annual electricity consumption of over 1,300 coal-fired power stations, or 950 million households.

GaN Chips save on average 12,000tons of C02 ≈ CO2 Absorbed by 660,000 Trees Per Year. (*Data source: Navitas Semiconductor website official calculation.)

Technical Specifications.

  • Brand: UGREEN
  • Model: Nexode RG 65W Charger
  • Manufacturer Code: CD361
  • Manufacturer Reference: 35292 (Purple) 2568 (Black)
  • EAN: N/A
  • ASIN: N/A
  • Input: 100-240V ~ 50Hz 1.8A Max
  • Output: 65.0W Max
  • Compliance: CE, UKCA


I absolutely love these UGREEN Nexode RG 65W Chargers. They’re brilliant, and of course, they’re very cute looking, this is improved further with the cute emoji type charging faces too. But as a tech piece, they’re wonderful too, they’re everything you could want for a charger, and of course, if you have multiple USB devices, they’re wonderful.

I highly recommend them both.

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Product sample provided by UGREEN in exchange for a detailed, unbiased review.

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