Asura Hosting

Today, a little different for the My Helpful Hints website, a review for Asura Hosting. Today’s review is based on my experiences of switching a web hosting provider, the journey, the process and my opinions.

So, since 2017 I had been with my previous host, but recently I had a few issues with restrictions and their once excellent technical support team went from quickly responding to requests for help, to taking days to reply, then the replies were automated and not very informative. Despite providing evidence from my cPanel of the outages I was experiencing, they denied it was a server related issue. So, to cut a long story short, I thought it was time to move on and find a new host for my website.

The biggest hurdle I found when searching for a new host was the requirements I needed for my site, against price, with price being a huge factor.

Asura Hosting.

Some sites were quoting hundreds per year, and with servers imposed restrictions on top. Then, I found Asura Hosting, they were offering everything I needed, and for a much cheaper price than I was currently paying. Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, I thought so, did some digging about and discovered Asura Hosting is legit, but not many UK based reviews.

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Asura Hosting Homepage Screenshot – Image Source – Asura Hosting (Subject to Copyright)

I was still sceptical, presumed it was an intro price to get you, then bump up the price. But reading through the Asura Hosting website I was assured the price you see, remains the same next year, no renewal price hikes. They have a strict pricing model that’s been in place for almost a decade.

Asura Hosting have 20,000 customers, look after 100,000 websites, from 87 countries, and was formed in 2012 and slowly have built up a reputation for affordable hosting.

Asura Hosting state they have a dedicated support team available 24/7, with tickets being answered usually from 20 minutes (more on this later). So, being the sceptic I am , I decided to reach out to ask them a few questions, and by a few I mean a ton.

So, I fired all my questions and requirements to keep my site operational. Within half an hour, Mike answered, I would later be messaging Mike a lot, and he’s an absolute credit to their organisation, nothing is too much for Mike, absolutely brilliant. I’m technically minded, with moderate WordPress and cPanel experience, mostly from learning as I go over the years, so I was reassured that Asura Hosting would do the whole website migration for me.


My site currently uses CloudFlare as a Content Delivery Network (CDN). For those that don’t know, Imagine your website content like freshly baked cookies.

A CDN is like having ovens scattered around the globe, ready to deliver warm cookies to your visitors instantly. No matter where they are, they get a satisfyingly fast experience, keeping them happy and coming back for more. Plus, these ovens are built tough, able to handle a crowd and even fend off pesky attackers.

But from my own experience messing about with CloudFlare settings can leave a site not operating correctly. But, without hesitation, Mike offered to set up my CloudFlare along with the whole migration from my host to Asura Hosting. So, I wouldn’t need to do anything. They’d do the lot for me, and not just because it’s me (although I did feel like a VIP), Asura Hosting offers a free migration service to all of their customers.

My site isn’t just your typical blog type site either, I have a separate section for small businesses, a directory that enables users to log into my site, upload data and connect with each other. So, the migration process was the biggest worry for me, especially as everything had been with a single supplier since 2017.


The most important factor around website hosting, the price. Asura Hosting offers many different services from Web, NodeJS, Python, NVMe, Softaculous, Drupal, Joomla, Linux, and WordPress hosting, which is the service I require. But. no matter which service you require, Asura Hosting has a plan for you.

With all services, there are a few options to choose from, ranging from the basic sort of plan, right up to the Elite plan. Each plan has certain threshold limits, or additional services on each upgraded plan. I went full in on the Elite plan, a completely unlimited service, free from any restrictions, all for just £81.99 on the yearly plan, this was for the cPanel control panel. You can pay monthly too, but that attracts a 17% price increase compared to the yearly plan over a 12-month timescale.

Image shows a screenshot of the pricing structure for Asura Hosting.
Asura Hosting cPanel Price Screenshot – Image Source – Asura Hosting (Subject to Copyright)