UGREEN Nexode 100W GaN Wall Charger

Fast charging for MacBook Pro 16″? Multi-device power? The UGREEN Nexode 100W GaN promises it all. But does it deliver on safety and value at just £39.99? Let’s find out!

Power up to four devices all at once! This Nexode 100W USB-C charger delivers a whopping 100 watts of total power and supports a wide range of fast charging protocols (including PD 3.0/2.0, QC 4.0+/3.0/2.0, PPS, AFC, and SCP). That means you can charge your laptop, phone, tablet, and other devices at their maximum speeds, all from a single charger. Spend less time waiting and more time doing what you love.

Charge a wide range of devices with ease! This Nexode 100W USB-C GaN charger is universally compatible, meaning it can power up your MacBook Pro (in all sizes: 16″, 15″, 14″, and 13″), MacBook Air (13″), Dell XPS, Pixelbook, ThinkPad, iPhone 15 series, Galaxy S24 series, iPad Pro series, Pixel 8 series, and even your Steam Deck. No matter what device you need to charge, this charger has you covered.

This UGREEN Nexode 100W GaN Wall Charger utilises GaN technology to achieve a remarkably compact size compared to other 100W chargers. This makes it incredibly portable and perfect for taking anywhere you need to go.

Charge with confidence! The Nexode 100W USB-C fast charger prioritises safety. It’s equipped with an intelligent chip that safeguards your devices from common issues like short circuits, overvoltage, overheating, and overcurrent.

Packaging and Contents.

The UGREEN Nexode 100W GaN comes packaged in a black sleeved box which shows product images and specifications printed on it. The box measures 13.5cm x 10.0cm x 5.5cm and weighs 394G.

Image shows the outer box of the UGREEN Nexode 100W GaN Wall Charger.
Outer Packaging – Image Source – My Helpful Hints (Subject to Copyright)

Inside the box you’ll find the following: 1x UK Charger (other regional variations available), 1x English User Guide.

Image shows the included contents. Image shows a wall charger and paper manual laid out.
Contents Image – Image Source – My Helpful Hints (Subject to Copyright)

UGREEN doesn’t supply any cables, but I would highly recommend a UGREEN USB-C/USB-C cable, in fact I have a few and can’t rate them highly enough.

UGREEN Nexode 100W GaN Wall Charger.

The UGREEN Nexode 100W GaN measures 92.2mm x 50.1mm x 50.1mm, when plugged in a UK socket the charger protrudes 69.0mm. The charger weighs 271G, which feels quite heavy but unlike other chargers, this 100W GaN charger feels perfectly balanced, so less risk of it coming loose from a wall socket.

Image shows the UGREEN Nexode 100W GaN on a sideway viewpoint.
Product Image – Image Source – My Helpful Hints (Subject to Copyright)

You get 4 ports (3x USB-C ports and 1x USB-A port) on the charger. Each one has a different power output and each changes if you’re using more than one device. The below slideshow will hopefully explain better the output of each port.

  • Single/4-Port Charging

Below you’ll see the output ratings for each port:

  • USB-C (number 1) Output: 5.0V ⎓ 3.0A, 9.0V ⎓ 3.0A, 12.0V ⎓ 3.0A, 15.0V ⎓ 3.0A, 20.0V ⎓ 5.0A – 100.0W Max.
  • USB-C (number 2) Output: 5.0V ⎓ 3.0A, 9.0V ⎓ 3.0A, 12.0V ⎓ 3.0A, 15.0V ⎓ 3.0A, 20.0V ⎓ 5.0A – 100.0W Max.
  • USB-C (number 3) Output: 5.0V ⎓ 3.0A, 9.0V ⎓ 2.5A, 12.0V ⎓ 1.88A – 22.5W Max.
  • USB-A Output: 4.5V ⎓ 5.0A, 5.0V ⎓ 4.5A, 9.0V ⎓ 2.0A, 12.0V ⎓ 1.5A – 22.5 W Max.
  • Total Output Power: 100.0W Max.

Charge anything, anywhere! UGREEN’s Nexode 100W GaN Wall Charger features smart power distribution. It automatically adjusts power to keep both the charger and, more importantly, your devices safe from harm.

Safety Devices.

Worry-free charging for all your devices! The UGREEN Nexode 100W GaN boasts SmartCharge, its intelligent power management system. This ensures safe and efficient charging regardless of the port you use.

Image shows the 4 ports of the UGREEN Nexode 100W GaN.
Ports Image – Image Source – My Helpful Hints (Subject to Copyright)

Say goodbye to overheating! The UGREEN Nexode 100W GaN boasts UGREEN’s Thermal Guard™, a system that takes a whopping 800 temperature readings every second to ensure your devices stay cool and protected.

Technical Specifications.

  • Brand: UGREEN
  • Model: Nexode 100W GaN Wall Charger
  • Manufacturer Code: CD226
  • Manufacturer Reference: 40749
  • EAN: 6957303847495
  • ASIN: B091N7FVDL
  • Charge Agreement USB-C: PD3.0(PD2.0) /QC4+(QC4.0\QC3.0 QC2.0)/PPS/AFC/APPLE 5V2.4A/BC1.2
  • Charge Agreement USB-A: SCP/QC3.0/AFC/FCP/APPLE 5V2.4A/BC1.2
  • Input: 100-240V ~ 50Hz 2.3A Max
  • Output: 100.0W Max
  • Compliance: CE, UKCA


UGREEN strikes again! The Nexode 100W GaN Wall Charger lives up to the brand’s reputation for quality. Its four ports are ideal for busy households, and UGREEN’s built-in safety features ensure peace of mind while powering all your devices.

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Product sample provided by UGREEN in exchange for a detailed, unbiased review.

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