OneTigris MONZTER Utility Pouch

OneTigris were kind enough to send me their MONZTER MOLLE pouch before it was officially released in order for me to review it. One thing that I love about OneTigris products is that they are well-made and that the company uses modern techniques to produce fashionable EDC articles. So, let’s see how the MONZTER fares […]

Nitecore NEB10 Excursion Bag

When I contacted Nitecore about reviewing their BP20 backpack (read my review of it here), I asked them if it would be possible for them to send me their NDP10 too (review coming soon!), as it can be attached onto the BP20. I wasn’t expecting Nitecore to send me their NEB10 Excursion Bag for me […]

OneTigris HUNTERZ MOLLE Bottle Holster

I recently reviewed one of Nitecore’s bags, the BP20 (read my review of the BP20 here). Now, some of you may have noticed that in the “Improvements and Suggestions” section, I noted the fact that there was no bottle carrier and for me, that wasn’t really a big deal – especially seeing as I have […]

Olight S1A Baton in Raw Copper

This will be the first Olight product that I have reviewed. Before I begin, I’d like to thank Olight UK. Due to a misunderstanding, I was sent two of these flashlights – one a few days after the other. I contacted them and offered to return it to them. They told me that I could […]

Nitecore BP20 Backpack

I have written reviews for Nitecore’s flashlights, pens and knives and I have loved the quality and design of each and every one. I realised that they had a range of pouches and bags and I wondered if they would live up to my expectations. A couple of days later, a package containing the Nitecore […]