Oliphant Grill Pro BBQ Tool Set

The Oliphant Grill Pro BBQ Tool Set is a handy to have grilling tool set, that comes in a hard-Aluminium storage case. You get many different tools including; a spatula, tongs, and other great BBQ accessory tools.

MEIKEE 20W LED Motion Sensor Flood Light

The MEIKEE 20W LED Motion Sensor Flood Light is a straight out of the box swap for your old and uneconomical 100W Halogen flood light.  From day one you’ll start to make savings as the MEIKEE light is at least 80% more efficient than your old light.

Waldbeck Telescopic Apple Picker

The Waldbeck Telescopic Apple Picker is an extendable fruit tree cutter.  The unique cutting design allows you to easily cut Apples, Pears, and any other high growing fruits.

Summerisle Trading Handmade Plaques

Two beautiful hand-crafted plaques by David Jermey from Summerisle Trading Company.  Each one of David’s designs are reproduced by hand from Hastings in the United Kingdom so every piece is unique but beautifully crafted and decorated.