Product Review: Meikee 20W LED Motion Sensor Flood Light

The Meikee 20W LED Motion Sensor Flood Light is a straight out of the box swap for your old and uneconomical 100W Halogen flood light.  From day one you’ll start to make savings as the Meikee light is at least 80% more efficient than your old light.

You get motion sensor technology which can detect movement within 1M-12M and you’re also able to control how long to keep the light illuminated after detection.

Made with high grade die-cast Aluminium and an IP66 rating makes this the ideal exterior light for your property.

But does it work? Is it easy to install and wire? Time to test it out!

Retail Packaging.

The Meikee 20W light comes packaged very neatly in a Black and White cardboard box.  The box measures 19.5cm x 16.0cm x 6.5cm and weighs 785G.

Meikee 20W
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Upon opening the Meikee 20W light box you will find the following items. 1x Light, 1x Set of Wall Fixings, 1x Multi-Lingual User Guide.

Meikee 20W
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Meikee 20W LED Motion Sensor Flood Light.

The Meikee 20W light is Black in colour and is made from die-cast Aluminium with a Glass front.  The light measures (When compacted) 15.0cm in width x 19.5cm in height x 5.0cm in depth.

Meikee 20W
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You get a UV resistant cable which has a total length of 1.5M and comes with the usual UK standard wiring colours for Live, Neutral and Earth.

The PIR sensor on the front is completely customisable to suit your needs.  You can alter and adjust the illumination duration, the distance of detection and adjust light illumination based on LUX levels.  So, your light can even switch on in the daytime too if you wish!


Installation is easy, the bracket is large enough to manoeuvre without needing to be removed from light to fix to your wall.  Once fixed you’ll need to run the cable to an internal power source and that’s pretty much it.  Once powered on you’ll need to adjust the light to suit your personal preference.

Although the cable is supposed to be UV resistant I would still personally install the cable through some plastic conduit or plastic copex to ensure that no degrading can occur.

Meikee 20W
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Maybe it’s the electrician in me and I hate to see flex cable exposed to the elements!  I spent many years in a commercial electrical environment and would never install flexible cables exposed to the elements.  But, I’m sure you could run the cable on your brickwork with some nail clamps if that’s what you prefer.  I just wouldn’t and just the thought of that kind of installation gets more uncomfortable!

Rewiring the Cable

The 1.5M cable supplied might not be enough for you and you might want to install this light with a longer cable, to do this you’ll need to remove the casing of the light (Obviously with it powered off!) and you’ll need to hand an adjustable spanner, crosshead screwdriver, wire cutters, and 3x crimps or connector blocks to connect the Live, Neutral and Earth cables together.

This process should only be done by an individual who feels electrically confident and qualified!

To start with unscrew the 4 screws on the outer glass bezel and remove the metal bezel and pop out the glass.  Next, you’ll see 4 screws holding on the metal reflector, remove these and you’ll get to the cables underneath.

Meikee 20W
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Cut away the Silicone gunk on the cable inserts and cut the cables from the crimps.  Now you can insert your cable and re-crimp, or terminal connect your cable to the original cables.

Reinstall the covers in reverse and ensure your external bezel casing is tightly sealed onto the Silicone weatherproof seal.

Meikee 20W
Source – Meikee (Subject to Copyright)

That’s it! All done without using any external terminal block connectors (I also hate those things too!)

Technical Specifications.

  • Brand – Meikee
  • Model – 20W LED Motion Sensor Flood Light
  • Model Code – 64000019-DW
  • Manufacturer Reference – AS-2000
  • EAN – N/A
  • ASIN – B079FHP8KW
  • Lamp Wattage – 20W
  • Input Voltage – 85-265V AC
  • Input Current – 600mA
  • Frequency – 50/60Hz
  • Brightness – 2000LM
  • Colour Rendering Index – 70
  • Beam Angle – 120°
  • Colour Temperature – Daylight 6000K
  • Illumination Time – 3 Seconds – 360 Seconds
  • Detection Range – 1-12M
  • Life Expectancy – 50000 Hours
  • Detection Type – Pyroelectric Infrared Sensor
  • Waterproof Ratings – IP66 Lamp, IP64 Sensor
  • Compliance – CE, FCC, RoHS


This light is quite well built.  The outer casing is sturdy, and the light is bright when in use.  I can’t really fault it at all.  This light is highly recommended from me.

If want the Meikee 20W LED Motion Sensor Flood Light for yourself, it’s available only on Amazon and comes with a 24 Month warranty.  The RRP for this light is £53.99.

Thank you for reading this, feel free to comment down below, your input really matters to me.  I can also be contacted here.  Why not check out my other product reviews here.


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