Product Review: Oliphant Grill Pro BBQ Tool Set

The Oliphant Grill Pro BBQ Tool Set is a handy to have grilling tool set, that comes in a hard-Aluminium storage case.

You get many different tools including; a spatula, tongs, and other great BBQ accessory tools.

Each tool has insulated handles which ensure you don’t get burnt whilst using them.

But is this set any good? Is it good quality? Time to test it out!

Retail Packaging.

The Oliphant Grill Pro BBQ Tool Set comes packaged in a very nice designed Aluminium case with an outer cardboard sleeve, this sleeve has picture illustrations and specifications printed on it.  The box measures 46.0cm x 19.5cm x 8.5cm and weighs 2150G.

Oliphant Grill Pro BBQ Tool Set
Source – My Helpful Hints (Subject to Copyright)
Oliphant Grill Pro BBQ Tool Set
Source – My Helpful Hints (Subject to Copyright)


Once you open the Aluminium case you’ll find the following 14 tools: 1x Spatula, 1x Fork, 1x Tongs, 1x BBQ Food Brush, 2x Kebab Skewers, 8x Corn Forks.

Oliphant Grill Pro BBQ Tool Set
Source – My Helpful Hints (Subject to Copyright)

Oliphant Grill Pro BBQ Tool Set.

The Oliphant Grill Pro BBQ Tool Set is made up of 14 different tools, these tools are made from Stainless Steel and have insulated handles.  The Corn Forks have a rubberised insulation material that also makes it easy to hold onto whilst eating your corn on the cob.

You get a sense of quality with these BBQ tools, and they feel well made when in use.  I’m not sure about the cleaning process though, it doesn’t mention anywhere about being dishwasher safe.  So, I would assume they aren’t dishwasher safe.

When you’ve finished you can put them away back into the case, ready for use next time!

This set in its carry case is ideal for campers as you can easily store and transport these tools for each trip and be ready to light up your grill and start cooking in confidence.

Technical Specifications.

  • Brand – Oliphant
  • Model – Grill Pro BBQ Tool Set
  • Model Code – 39268
  • SKU Number – EO111
  • EAN – 5060432970925
  • ASIN – B0711YFHYL
  • Compliance – CE


Regular readers to my site will know how much I love Oliphant and their product range.  And this product is no different.  It’s great for the summer BBQ months and the tools feel very high quality.  The Aluminium carry case is perfect, and each tool has its own little space, which is nice.  Washing instructions would be a bonus though.  But, overall, I love this BBQ tool set and recommend you purchase one now for the summer.  You won’t be disappointed.

Check out Oliphant directly, they offer Wholesale Gifts and they want new re-sellers for their entire product range.

If you want the Oliphant Grill Pro BBQ Tool Set for yourself, it is available only on Amazon.  The RRP for this BBQ tool set is £29.99.

Thank you for reading this, feel free to comment down below, your input really matters to me.  I can also be contacted here.  Why not check out my other product reviews here.


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