A photo of the Nitecore BP20

Nitecore BP20 Backpack Review

I have written reviews for Nitecore’s flashlights, pens and knives and I have loved the quality and design of each and every one. I realised that they had a range of pouches and bags and I wondered if they would live up to my expectations. A couple of days later, a package containing the Nitecore BP20, NEB10 and NDP10 arrived on my doorstep. In this review, I will be focusing on the BP20, but expect reviews of the other two bags shortly!

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The Nitecore NTP30 and Kizer Sheepdog for size reference

Nitecore NTP30 Titanium Pen

Ever since I was young, I have always been a huge stationery lover. Pens, pencils, sharpeners – you name it. When the Nitecore NTP30 Titanium Pen arrived, it was as if I was young again – my love of stationery rekindled. Utilising a bi-directional bolt action system, everything about this pen screams “class”.

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The NTK10

Nitecore NTK10 Titanium Utility Knife

Nitecore have discovered the potential of branching into other areas of EDC (everyday carry) and have produced their very first knife – the Nitecore NTK10 Titanium Utility Knife which presumably stands for Nitecore Titanium Knife. They sent me a sample to review – this will be my first ever knife review, so I hope you enjoy it and find it useful and informative. Read more about Nitecore NTK10 Titanium Utility Knife