Product Review: Weltool FH1 Utility Holster

Weltool FH1 Flashlight Holster

A few days ago, I was contacted by Weltool and asked if I would like to review their FH1 black flashlight holster. I love writing reviews, so naturally I said yes. A few days later, the FH1 arrived in the mail. I think that this item is best suited for people in the EDC community, security or law enforcement personnel, hikers and hunters. This is because the FH1 is lightweight, robust and compact.

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Product Review: Nitecore MT21C Flashlight

The MT21C is one of Nitecore’s recent releases from the “Multi-Task” range of flashlights. It has a unique, angle-adjustable head. As with all Nitecore products, the threads are well-lubricated, which makes screwing / unscrewing the tail cap or battery tube a smooth, easy process. Thanks to the magnetic tail cap, the gold-plated spring is partially magnetised. If you want to remove the battery, when you unscrew the tail cap, the battery is stuck to it. This lowers the chance of the battery accidentally falling out when removing the tail cap.

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Product Review: Nitecore TINI Cu

The Nitecore TINI Cu keychain flashlight certainly lives up to its name! This thing is seriously small, measuring 43.3 millimetres in length by 25.4 millimetres in width, by 11.5 millimetres in depth. However, don’t let its size fool you – this thing is powerful! Continue reading Product Review: Nitecore TINI Cu

Product Review: Nitecore Concept 2

When I heard that Nitecore were releasing the Concept 2, I was expecting them to stick to the design of the Concept 1, but with more features. I certainly wasn’t expecting this smaller than palm-sized futuristic flashlight. With a maximum output of 6,500 lumens, a maximum throw of 398 metres and maximum light intensity of 39,700 candelas. When I saw the specs online, I was blown away. More so when the Concept 2 arrived on my doorstep.

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Nitecore LR12 Flashlight Review

The LR12 2-in-1 lantern flashlight is designed with hikers and campers in mind. This is for a very simple reason – the LR12 features an integrated diffuser, which is made from a very high quality, translucent white polymer. An integrated diffuser also prevents people from losing it the diffuser while travelling. The flashlight can be hung up inside a tent using the included high-quality lanyard or using the strong magnetic tail cap. Continue reading Nitecore LR12 Flashlight Review