Exercise N Play

Today I’ll be writing a review for Exercise N Play. Exercise N Play asked me to review one of their building block sets. I had a quick browse and instantly became intrigued. These building bricks are compatible with other branded bricks. Including some Danish branded brick 😉. Anyway, back to Exercise N Play, you get […]

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Flopping Fish Cat Toy

Today’s review is for the Flopping Fish Cat Toy. Another product review for Tammy, who’s 1st birthday is today. This cat toy is rechargeable and very realistic looking. The movement only occurs when your cat touches the fish, so you can leave it on, and the battery will last longer. Made from Cotton which has

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Today I’ll be writing a review for the X-CHENG Cat Toy. A rechargeable multi-functional cat toy that features a laser with 5 different patterns. This product is not only suitable for your cat, it’s also suitable for use as a UV light and a torch. Another huge benefit of this product is that you don’t

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