FIFINE Ampligame A20 Gaming Speakers

Tired of tinny laptop speakers ruining your gaming experience? Looking for a way to level up your gaming atmosphere? Want a versatile speaker setup that goes beyond just gaming? Do these FIFINE Ampligame A20 Gaming Speakers offer all of that? Find out with my review! This is my second review for FIFINE, having previously reviewed […]

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TOZO PA2 Speaker

Can TOZO break into the portable speaker market? How about a speaker that can switch between different equaliser modes? Does the TOZO PA2 Speaker have a long-lasting battery? Today’s review will hopefully cover all of this and more. I’ve reviewed a few TOZO products now. But, this is the first TOZO speaker that I’ve reviewed,

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Hernido Portable Boombox

Today I’ll be writing a review for the Hernido Portable Boombox. A Radio/CD/Tape player with an impressive built-in battery, twin speakers with bass boost capabilities and much more. It’s not my first review for the brand Hernido, I previously reviewed a portable CD player, they seem to produce audio equipment like what you used to

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