TOZO PA2 Speaker

Can TOZO break into the portable speaker market? How about a speaker that can switch between different equaliser modes? Does the TOZO PA2 Speaker have a long-lasting battery? Today’s review will hopefully cover all of this and more.

I’ve reviewed a few TOZO products now. But, this is the first TOZO speaker that I’ve reviewed, in fact, it’s the first speaker for a while that I’ve reviewed. The TOZO PA2 Speaker features a double dynamic driver, the ability to connect two speakers, an IPX7 waterproof coating, making this in principle, the ideal outdoor, portable Bluetooth speaker.

Forget constantly plugging in! The TOZO PA2 4000mAh battery packs a punch that lets you jam out for a whopping 25 hours on a single charge. That’s an entire day of uninterrupted music, creating the perfect immersive atmosphere for any listening session.

The TOZO PA2 isn’t just a speaker, it’s your hands-free calling companion! Take calls directly through the speaker with Bluetooth, perfect for multitasking around the house. Need to chat with multiple people? No problem! Jump on conference calls or group chats with ease. Plus, you can even access your phone’s virtual assistant like Siri to make calls with your voice.

You can customise your own sound too with three in-built equaliser modes on the speaker itself, or connect with the TOZO app to fully customise from 16 different equaliser options.

Packaging and Contents.

The TOZO PA2 Speaker comes packaged in a cardboard box, which shows product images and specifications printed on it. The box measures 21.5cm x 11.0cm x 9.6cm and weighs 760G.

Image shows the outer box of the TOZO PA2 Speaker.
Outer Packaging – Image Source – My Helpful Hints (Subject to Copyright)


Inside the box you’ll find the following: 1x Speaker, 1x USB-A/USB-C Cable, 1x Lanyard, 1x User Guide.

Image shows the included contents in a laid out position.
Contents Image – Image Source – My Helpful Hints (Subject to Copyright)

The supplied charging cable measures 55.0cm in length, but you’re free to use any USB-C cable, and the lanyard measures 20.0cm in length and loops into the speaker.

TOZO PA2 Speaker.

The TOZO PA2 Speaker measures 180mm x 70mm x 76mm and weighs 540G. You’ll be pleased to hear the PA2 speaker comes in three different colour options, TOZO sent me the black speaker. But you can choose from black, khaki, and red.




On each end of the speaker TOZO has an 8W speaker, giving you 16W of total wattage. On the top you get 6 control buttons. From left to right these buttons are:

  • Equaliser Button: Short press to cycle between Treble+, Standard and Bass+.
  • Plus Button: Short press to increase volume, press and hold to skip a track.
  • Minus Button: Short press to decrease volume, press and hold to go back a track.
  • Play/Pause: Short press to pause/play audio.
  • Bluetooth Button: Short press the button twice to enter the speaker into pairing mode, press twice to exit and disconnect Bluetooth.
  • Power Button: Press and hold to power on or off.
Image shows the user controls on the speaker.
User Control Buttons Image – Image Source – My Helpful Hints (Subject to Copyright)

If you wish to pair two speakers, turn on both speakers, then double tap the Bluetooth button to enter twins mode, next connect one of the speakers via your phone, then press and hold the Bluetooth button on the other speaker for 5 seconds. Pressing and holding for 5 seconds on either speaker will remove the twins mode.


To charge your speaker is a very simple process, and all done via the USB-C port located to the left of the user control buttons. Charging takes around 3 hours and is indicated via a LED charging status light, changing from red to green. Once fully charged, you get around 25 hours of audio, but this is dependent on volume and equaliser modes etc.

Image shows the USB-C port.
USB-C Port Image – Image Source – My Helpful Hints (Subject to Copyright)


If you wish to explore the full TOZO experience, then you’ll need to download the TOZO app. The app is free, and ensures you can receive lifetime product updates, but that’s not all, you’re able to choose from 16 different equaliser modes, one of which, is a custom version, you’re able to choose your own sound. You also get a battery remaining percentage within the app too.

Image shows the TOZO app.
TOZO App Image – Image Source – TOZO (Subject to Copyright)

I can highly recommend the TOZO app, I use it very often with different TOZO products.

Sound Quality and Testing.

The TOZO PA2 Speaker sounds very clear, with no distortion at all. This is greatly improved via the TOZO app, whereby you can choose your own sound, so there’s no reason for the TOZO PA2 Speaker not to sound to your liking.

The advertised Bluetooth signal is 10M, but as with most TOZO products, you can get more than the advertised range, in fact, I got nearly 20M from the PA2 speaker. You get the latest Bluetooth V5.3 connection too, with AAC/SBC playback too.

Image shows the speak in my hand.
Product Image – Image Source – My Helpful Hints (Subject to Copyright)

The TOZO PA2 Speaker is IPX7 waterproof rated, this means the speaker can be submerged in water, up to 1 meter, for 30 minutes without any damage. So, it’s ideal for rain to be honest.

My only gripe with the TOZO speaker is finger-marks. The oils from your skin leave behind marks, no matter how much you wipe the speaker clean, they’re there, looking at you still, taunting you. It’s impossible to keep the speaker clean.

Technical Specifications.

  • Brand: TOZO
  • Model: PA2 Speaker
  • Manufacturer Code: PA2
  • Manufacturer Reference: N/A
  • EAN: 6971681318484
  • Speaker Diameter: 2 of 8W 1.7 inch full range speaker
  • Passive Radiator: 2 of 44mm x 49mm passive radiators
  • Frequency Response Range: 60Hz – 20KHz
  • Bluetooth Range: 10m
  • Charging Port: USB Type-C
  • Waterproof Rating: IPX7
  • Compliance: CE, UKCA, FCC, RoHS


I’m very impressed with the TOZO PA2 Speaker. The sound is certainly impressive, with clear, crisp sound and no distortion or interference. The speaker is small, but powerful and ideal for portable use. The only issue I could find was the finger-mark situation, that may not even be an issue for most people, but for me, I loathe finger-marks!

Aside from finger-marks, the TOZO PA2 is a punchy, portable speaker. I highly recommend it.

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Product sample provided by TOZO in exchange for a detailed, unbiased review.

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