A photo of the L1 with other bits of EDC for size reference

Weltool L1 Camping Lantern

Weltool L1 Camping Lantern


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  • Great Emergency Light
  • Multiple Settings
  • Multiple Ways to Hang
  • Great Price


  • Not IPX-8 Rated
  • Only 'D' Battery Option

Nowadays, there are so many rechargeable flashlights and lanterns with built-in batteries, it is rare to see one using “old-fashioned” batteries. Even rarer to see a product using type D batteries. Enter the Weltool L1 Camping Lantern.

Weltool L1 Camping Lantern
A photo of the L1 with other bits of EDC for size reference

Unboxing of the Weltool L1 Camping Lantern.

It seems to me that Weltool take no risks when they package their products. The L1 arrived in what I can only describe as a plastic “bird cage” with air-filled tubes. This ensures the L1 is not damaged during transit. The box that it comes in is relatively plain, which keeps the overall cost down.

What’s Inside?

In the box, you get:

  • A letter from the CEO and founder of Weltool
  • Warranty card in Chinese and English
  • Plastic “bird cage”
  • Weltool L1 “Vegetable Gardener” lantern

Why D-Type Batteries?

Well, in case of emergency – take for example a hurricane or even a strong storm – the power goes out. The power goes down for a few days. Rechargeable batteries will run out of power, then you are left in the dark, with no way to charge them. With the D-type batteries, if they run out of charge, they’re cheap to replace. It is easy to stockpile them as well, as they are much cheaper than good quality rechargeable batteries.

To insert the batteries – of which there are three – , you remove the base of the L1 by twisting it counter-clockwise. Two of the batteries go in cathode first and one goes in anode first. The seal is quite tight, so you may have a bit of trouble getting the base on. I find turning the lantern upside down and pressing it down on a hard surface makes it easier.

Features and Details.

The Weltool L1 has a waterproof rating of IP55. This means that “water projected by a nozzle against the enclosure from any direction shall have no harmful effect.” The lantern will also be protected against the intrusion of dust and dirt, allowing you to store your Weltool L1 safely in almost all conditions.

The light emitted from the LEDs is classed as warm white (3,200K). This illuminates your surroundings with a softer glow, making the colours more vivid. Warm white light is also better for your eyesight and protects it. There are 42 warm white SMD LEDs and 4 red LEDs. There are four modes in total, two white light modes and two red light modes.

Light colour Red (constant) Red (S.O.S. mode) White (low) White (high)
Lumens 138 138 280 705
Runtime More than 20 hours > 20 hours More than 30 hours > 20 hours
Illumination radius 2 metres 2 metres 3 metres 10 metres

The lampshade is made from translucent polycarbonate which produces a soft, 360˚ glow, ideal for illuminating a tent. It is removable so that larger areas can be lit up.

Hanging Options.

The Weltool L1 Camping Lantern comes with two hanging options: the ergonomic rubberized handle or the metal clip at the base of the lantern.

Weltool L1 Camping Lantern
A photo showing how the L1 can be hung using the rubberized handle
Weltool L1 Camping Lantern
A photo showing how the L1 can be hung using the metal clip

The L1 can be hung from inside a tent, from a branch or simply standing on its base. Ergonomic rubber covers the base and rubber feet on the base prevents the L1 from slipping, even in wet conditions. This rubber is found in the middle as well as on the top of the lantern, which makes removing the lamp shade and the cover for the batteries easy, even with gloves on. The handle is removable, but it sits in well as the curved part of the handle nestles around the middle of the L1.

Turning on the L1.

Turning the lantern on and off couldn’t be easier: one switch controls everything. To prevent the L1 from pressing against something and accidentally turning on, the button is recessed. Pressing it once, twice, three times and four times turns the L1 on at low white, high white, constant red and red S.O.S. mode respectively. If you leave a gap of longer than 4 seconds between each press, it will turn off instead of cycling to the next mode. There is an LED behind the switch that glows green when the batteries have a good amount of charge. This indicator goes red when the batteries are running low. To give you prolonged illumination in emergency situations, the L1 enters a special “light of life” mode which means that the camping lantern can still be used, even when the battery is low.

Weltool L1 Camping Lantern
A photo showing the recessed switch used to turn on the L1


If I were to make any improvements, I would change two things: the first being the waterproof rating, which I would increase from IP55 to IPX8, as it would be waterproof up to two metres. The second being the power supply. D cell batteries are bulky and make the L1 a little bit heavier, so I think it would be good if there was the option to buy a rechargeable battery pack. Apart from that, I think the lantern is a must-have for car owners and avid campers, as the emergency red light mode is very important in the event of a break down or a crash.

Night Shots.

When I took these photos, it was pitch black. Here are a few photos of the L1 in action!

Weltool L1 Camping Lantern
A photo of the L1 on its lowest lighting setting
Weltool L1 Camping Lantern
A photo of the L1 on its highest lighting setting

If you want the Weltool L1 Camping Lantern for yourself, it’s available for purchase only on Amazon. The RRP for this product is £18.99.

Product sample provided by Weltool in exchange for a detailed, unbiased review.

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