Liquid Tech by Road Angel

Can a tech company make waves into the car cleaning industry? Can they provide a complete car cleaning range? What about affordability? Can Road Angel break into this market? Well, today I’m here to tell you my thoughts of the complete range of Liquid Tech by Road Angel.

Road Angel very kindly sent me their whole Liquid Tech range, when I say the whole range, I mean everything! A huge box arrived full of products for all your car cleaning needs.

But, this is where I would need to do the inevitable for this review, I’d need to clean my car. Usually I pay for someone to clean my car at my local Tesco, but even that isn’t frequent, probably once, maybe twice per year!

So, it’s safe to say my car was in a terrible condition, ideal I guess to test the full Liquid Tech range.

I won’t go into too much detail about each individual product, only because there’s so much to cover in this review, plus we all know what car shampoo is and what it does, but you’ll certainly see the finish of all of the products.


My car wasn’t in the best condition cosmetically, the plastic trim had faded and I even had my own ecosphere growing. The exterior paintwork had the usual scratches on a 2016 car, also some tar/bitumen had splashed up onto the fuel cap area, the interior was trashed (thanks to the kids), so there would certainly be a huge difference for a before and after.

I don’t own any type of pressure washer or machine car cleaning gear, so I cleaned the car by hand, old school bucket and sponge style, well, not with a sponge, a wash mitt, but then switched things up to a soft microfibre cloth as I found the wash mitt a pain to work with.

Before I could wash the car, I had to remove the tar/bitumen with the tar & glue remover, simply spray onto the area, wait a minute and wipe away. That’s it! You’ll be relieved to know it’s safe for your alloy wheels, paintwork, plastics and glass.

The shampoo is heavily concentrated, you only need a tiny amount to achieve excellent cleaning results. My car needed two goes with shampoo, but after the second go, it was clear that the shampoo had worked brilliantly.

The alloy cleaner made light work of the baked on brake dust. Spray it on, wait a minute or two, agitate with a brush, then simply wash off with water. Finish off with the tyre finish spray.

Liquid Tech by Road Angel.

Once washed, I decided to try out the cutting compound. I worked panel to panel, adding some compound in circular motions with a clean microfibre cloth. Once it dries to a light haze, buff out with another clean, dry microfibre cloth. The effect was immediate, all the light scratches had been polished out.

Next up, I wanted to rejuvenate the exterior plastic. So I used the plastic and rubber restorer spray. You spray onto a cloth, and then work carefully onto the plastic, I found I needed two coats to achieve a flawless finish, the black plastic looked new.

I’ll add some before and after images of the exterior plastic so you can see the differences.

Ceramic Coating.

Next up, I decided to use the ceramic coating, this stuff is generally expensive, but Road Angel have theirs at a great price of £99.99. Using the same method as the cutting compound, I worked panel to panel. Once done there’s an immediate shine.

The ceramic coating will last 3 years, this will protect your paintwork from UV damage, essential for brightly coloured cars.

Image shows me holding the ceramic coating from Liquid Tech by Road Angel.
Ceramic Coating Bottle – Image Source – My Helpful Hints (Subject to Copyright)

Next up, the exterior glass. Firstly, I cleaned all the exterior glass, including the wing mirrors with glass cleaner, this required a spray onto a lint-free cloth, wipe, allow to dry and then a final buff with a clean, dry microfibre cloth to achieve the best results.

But, that’s not all, I then finished the ceramic glass seal. This keeps your windscreen and exterior glass looking streak free for a longer period of time, I also discovered whilst driving in the rain rain drops bead and fly off the screen, effortlessly. Also squished bugs aren’t an issue afterwards, use your windscreen washers and they instantly clean right off. No more bug smears in the summer months!

Whilst I’m on the subject of rain. A few days later it rained and look at the below effect.

Image shows the water beading effect on my car.
Water Beading – Image Source – My Helpful Hints (Subject to Copyright)

As you drive about, all the rain water beads fly off the paintwork too.

Interior Clean.

So after a very long vacuum session, due to my Vauxhall Meriva having the worst carpet known to humanity, literally all the dirt and debris gets attracted to the fabric, it was time to test out some of the interior products from Road Angel.

First up, I tried the all purpose cleaner, this got rid of most of the general car grim inside my car. Next up, the interior cleaner, this left behind a lovely scent, also added a wonderfully matte finish to all of the interior plastics. I even used it to remove some localised mud stains on my seats, which it removed without any issues, although I would suggest you test a small area if you’re unsure and plan to do the same.

Next up, I then treated all the interior seats with some ceramic fabric seal, simply spray onto the fabric, it’ll fully dry in around 2 hours, then it acts as a shield to prevent stains and provides UV protection for all of your fabrics.

I used the same glass cleaner and the same method, and finished off the gear stick PU leather with some leather cleaner and conditioner. Yes, I know it’s not the same as real leather, but I was trying to try out as much of the Liquid Tech by Road Angel range as possible.

I’ll add some interior before and after shots for your eyes.


I really love the whole Liquid Tech by Road Angel product range. It took two full days to clean my car, I don’t think I’ve ever had to work so hard on a product review previously. But, it was a pleasure to use so many brilliant products. I cannot fault any of the range, all of the range is top notch.

How about a huge, final car finish image drop? I’ll drop the full HD images via a Google Drive link, my site compresses and loses image quality to provide you speed over image quality.

If you’d like to purchase any of the Liquid Tech by Road Angel product range, I can highly recommend them all, Road Angel have a few discounted packs available too, so you can save even more money.

Product samples provided by Road Angel in exchange for a detailed, unbiased review.

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