Klarstein Zelda 90 Extractor Hood

The Klarstein Zelda 90 Extractor Hood is a 90cm wide extractor hood with an in-built 210W motor that’s ideal for medium to large cooking surfaces.

You get high performance air extraction upto a rate of 650 m³/h, you can also choose from 3 different fan speed settings and you’ll also benefit from 2 LED downlights too.

The control panel is a touch sensitive panel with easy to control menu and control settings.

Image shows the hood in a stock image format.
Product Image – Image Source – Klarstein (Subject to Copyright)

Packaging and Contents.

The Klarstein Zelda 90 Extractor Hood comes packaged in a plain Brown cardboard box. The box measures 95.5cm x 33.5cm x 62.5cm and weighs 12KG.

Upon opening the Klarstein Zelda 90 Extractor Hood box you’ll find the following items. 1x Extractor, 2x Flue Ducts, 1x Exhaust Hose, 1x Mounting Kit, 1x Multi-Lingual User Guide.

Klarstein Zelda 90 Extractor Hood.

It has a modern looking brushed stainless steel effect with a Black touch screen glass control panel. The extractor hood without the flue attached measures 90.0cm wide x 50.0cm high x 35.0cm deep. The extractor fan without the flue attached weighs 10KG.

Image shows the extractor hood attached to a wall.
Product Image – Image Source – Klarstein (Subject to Copyright)


The installation of the Klarstein Zelda 90 Extractor Hood can be achieved in two different ways. The extractor hood should be installed at between 65.0cm – 75.0cm above the cooking area for best results.

You can choose to mount the extractor hood to an outside vent, or you can simply install and use it without venting outside. If you’re choosing the non-venting option Klarstein sell a special carbon filter that eliminates cooking smells, and this simply installs over the motor.

The extractor fan comes with a fused UK/EU plug adapter on a flexible power cable and can be simply plugged into any standard wall electrical socket. The length of the cable is 140.0cm.

Operation and Controls.

With the Klarstein Zelda 90 you get three different fan speed settings and two LED downlighters.

To operate the extractor fan, you need to press the power button and then select either the + or – symbol, the extractor fan has three different speeds settings of low, medium, and high which is numbered from 1 to 3.

Image shows the control panel of the hood.
Product Image – Image Source – Klarstein (Subject to Copyright)

You can also set a quick timer directly from the touch panel control, simply press and hold for 1 second the + button. The digital display will flash into a 5-minute countdown, after 5 minutes the motor fan and lights will automatically power off and an audible buzzer will be activated for 1 second.

LED Lighting.

The Klarstein Zelda 90 Extractor Hood comes pre-installed with two LED downlights that produce light exactly where you need it.

Image shows an LED light.
LED Lights – Image Source – Klarstein (Subject to Copyright)


The Klarstein Zelda 90 Extractor Hood comes with three Aluminium constructed grease proof filters, these filters can be cleaned in a dishwasher as they are dishwasher safe.

Image shows a filter.
Filter Location Image – Image Source – Klarstein (Subject to Copyright)

To remove and clean, simply press in the spring-loaded catch and the filters can be removed easily for cleaning or to gain access to the motor and light replacement areas.

If you prefer you can replace these filters (Not currently supplied and stocked by Klarstein), the measurements are 320mm x 260mm and can be searched and found on Amazon.

Technical Specifications.

  • Brand: Klarstein
  • Model: Zelda 90 Extractor Hood
  • Model Code: CGCH3-Zelda-90BDSL
  • Item Number: 10031903
  • EAN: 4260509684866
  • ASIN: B077QR529B
  • Input: 220-240V AC 50/60Hz
  • Dimensions (without flue duct): 90 x 50 x 35 cm (WxHxD)
  • Dimensions (flue, one part): 22 x 40 x 17 cm (WxHxD)
  • Height of Flue: 40 – 75 cm
  • Exhaust Hose Diameter: 50 mm & 153 mm (Ø)
  • Extractable Exhaust Hose: (approx. 45 – 150 cm) with a 150/153 mm Diameter
  • Extraction Rate: Upto 650 m³ of Air per Hour
  • Length of Power Cable: 1.40 m
  • Weight: 10KG
  • Lights: 2x 1.5W LED 12V Lamps
  • Motor: 210W
  • Total Current Consumption: 213W (Light and High Fan Level)
  • Noise: 74dB
  • Energy Rating: B
  • Compliance: CE


This is a big extractor hood by Klarstein. I like the brushed stainless-steel effect too! The filters are easily removable for cleaning and the fact they can put into the dishwasher is great. The controls are simple to use, and the extraction rate is noticeable, even when on the lowest fan level.

I would like to see Klarstein have a stock supply of filters. Klarstein stock grease filters for their other models and maybe this is something might do in the future.

Overall though if you’re looking for a modern looking extractor hood that’s large enough to cover a range cooker then I highly recommend this. The air extraction rate is superb.

If you’d like to purchase this item, please check out the purchasing options below. The RRP for this item is £164.99.


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Product sample provided by Klarstein in exchange for a detailed, unbiased review.

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