Product Review: Betron HD800X Headphones

The Betron HD800X Headphones are a wireless set of headphones with dynamic 50mm drivers which produces high quality, bass driven stereo sound.

You get remote buttons situated on the Left ear cup which enables you to change tracks and adjust the volume without having to take your smartphone out of your pocket or bag.

The Betron HD800X features Bluetooth technology which means they can be used with any Bluetooth enabled device, including smartphones and tablets.

Retail Packaging.

The Betron HD800X Headphones come packaged very neatly in a dark Grey cardboard box, there are product images and specifications printed on it too.  The box measures 24.5cm x 21.0cm x 11.5cm and weighs 780G.

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Upon opening the Betron HD800X Headphones box you will find the following items all inside a hard shell protective case. 1x Case, 1x Headphone, 1x Micro USB Cable, 1x AUX Cable, 1x Betron User Manual, 1x Betron Warranty/VIP Card.

Source – My Helpful Hints (Subject to Copyright)
Source – My Helpful Hints (Subject to Copyright)

Betron HD800X Headphones.

The Betron HD800X Headphones are made from a variety of materials, these include; metals, plastics, PU leather, and foam.  They’re Black and Dark Grey in colour with polished metal detailing.  The Betron HD800X measures from ear-cup to ear-cup (Measuring from the bottom of the ear-cup and across the top of the headband to the bottom of the other ear-cup) 52.0cm but can extend upto 56.0cm and weigh 210G.

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You get padded earcups which are made from PU Leather with a foam material inner, they are Black in colour.  Each ear cup measures 9.0cm in diameter.

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The controls are located on the Left ear cup, you can see control buttons and ports, these are; Volume Up/Skip Track Button, Main Button (MFB), Volume Down/Previous Track, Micro USB Charger Port, and 1x AUX Input Port.

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You can also use the supplied AUX cable (Which has a length of 1M) if you don’t want or your device doesn’t have a Bluetooth enabled connection and this is plugged into the port located on the Left ear cup.

The supplied Micro USB charging lead has a total length of 1M.  The total charging time is around 3 hours and you get around 10 hours of wireless music play time.

Using the HD800X Headphones.

Before you even think about pumping out some tunes you need to firstly ensure that you’ve given these headphones enough charge.  You need to charge your HD800X headphones using the supplied Micro USB cable and powered using any 5V DC outlet, you can use your mains USB wall plug, a laptop or even a powerbank.

To pair the HD800X headphones to your smartphone, simply power on the headphones via the Main “MFB” button located on the Left ear cup, press and hold this button and an audio tone can be heard from the earcups with a flashing Blue and Red LED light visible on the outer part of the Left ear cup.

Now you’ll need to perform a search on your device, look for the pairing name of “HD-800X”, now connect.

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And that’s it, time for those tunes!


I found the Betron HD800X headphones to produce excellent sound and they also have excellent noise cancellation too!  The ear cups are large and cover your whole ear which i find very comfortable.

Getting to know where the on-ear control buttons are located takes some time.  But when you know where they make the whole operation of skipping tracks etc a complete breeze.

To increase or decrease volume you need to quickly press the correct button, but if you press and hold these buttons you’re then able to skip or go back to a previous track.

You can even use these headphones to answer and in my case reject phone calls!  If you want to answer that PPI call just press the centre MFB button once to answer to that salesman, if you want to hang up (Which you should, why wouldn’t you?) press the same button again!

To reject an incoming call, press the centre MFB button and hold it in for 2 seconds, and now that call has been sent to your answerphone!

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But if you missed a call from the missus, you better ring her back! you need to press the centre MFB button twice and these headphones will call the last number dialled and save your relationship!

After you’ve finished using the hands-free calling function your Betron HD800X will go back to playing your cheesy 90’s pop tunes from way back in the day!

The Bluetooth connection is actually very good without any signal loss at all within a 10M range.

Technical Specifications.

  • Brand – Betron
  • Model – Wireless Headphones
  • Model Code – HD800X
  • EAN – 5060264025596
  • ASIN – B01MTSC72P
  • Driver Diameter – 50mm ∅
  • Impedance – 32Ω ± 15%
  • Sensitivity – 110±3dB
  • Maximum Input Power – 150mW
  • Frequency Range – 20 ~ 20KHz
  • Working Range – 10M
  • Charge Time – 3 Hours
  • Playing Time – 10 Hours
  • Standby Time – 200 Hours
  • Input – 5V / 500mAH
  • Bluetooth – Bluetooth V4.0
  • Protocol Support – A2DP/AVRCP/HFP/HSP
  • Class 2 Available Frequency – 2402-2480MHz
  • Microphone – Yes
  • Compliance – CE, FCC, RoHS


I really like these headphone from Betron.  I was trying so hard not to like them as i normally don’t like these kinds of style of headphones, but i just couldn’t do it.  They are great, and I love them!  The ear cup control does take some time to get used to, this might be because most headphones that I’ve previously reviewed have the control on the Right ear cup rather than the Left.  The sound is truly awesome, and they are super comfortable to wear.

The hard-shell carry case is also a great feature too.

If you like the look and style of these HD800X headphones from Betron why not purchase a pair, they’re available only on Amazon and come with a 12 Month warranty.  The RRP for these headphones is £49.99.

Thank you for reading this, feel free to comment down below, your input really matters to me.  I can also be contacted here.  Why not check out my other product reviews here.


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