Things to do with the family on a budget

Summer is just around the corner, which means families will be gearing up for fun-filled activities to keep the kids entertained. But given the struggles within the current climate, with rising energy bills and the cost of living crisis , it means there’s less money in people’s pockets to spend on fun days out. It doesn’t mean you need to boycott family activities altogether though. There are a number of ways to enjoy family time on a budget and it often requires just a little more thought. Here are a few ideas to get the ball rolling.

Getting There.

While it’s easy to focus on the cost of the activity itself, many will end up forgetting about the costs involved with getting there in the first place. Transport costs can end up being the most expensive part of a day out, so it’s worth taking time to consider the most cost-efficient option before your trip.

Sometimes, the train might be the best option and especially if you book in advance or apply discount cards. The bus can also be a cheap, family-friendly option. However, if you’re heading somewhere with poorer transport links, driving might be best. This could save you the cost and hassle of using multiple transport links or taxis.

What will you eat?

The age-old principle of saving money by bringing your own food is a great one to apply to a family day out. Plus, it means you can tailor your kids’ lunches so that you know they’ll enjoy them, rather than spending money on a meal out that might not get eaten. Buying food out for the whole family can become very expensive and with plenty of days out ahead of you during the summer period, this can add up.

Can you book beforehand?

If necessary, it’s always worth checking whether you can book somewhere beforehand. This not only secures your spot, but it can also save you more money compared to paying on the door. Have a look way in advance too in case there are any seasonal discounts or special offers. On top of this, it’s always handy to keep money aside for emergencies. Some might seek out an alternative ways to save money to use over the summer holidays, for example.

Where will you go?

While some attractions can be costly, especially with a large family in tow, there are plenty of cost-efficient options too. Completely free options include walks and parks, many of which have family-friendly activities like nature trails or playgrounds. You could also look out for farms or petting zoos with little to no entry fees.

Fancy a spot of culture? Museums can be great and again, most have child-friendly activities to make the most of. Some of the most popular museums are free, such as the Natural History Museum in London.

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