Money Games

Something a little different for the My Helpful Hints website today, a review of Money Games from the Mortgage Calculator website. I said it was a little different!

I love games, especially mobile and web browser games, and so when approached by the Mortgage Calculator website to review their games section I was intrigued to discover more. There’s a ton of free games, most with a money element behind them available to play, for free. A great way to play and learn about finances too. Especially tycoon type games, a personal favourite of mine, I spent hours playing tycoon-based games in my childhood.

You’re also able to play on mobile too, the games resize to suit your device, very easy and quick loading too.

So, today I’ll share with you some of my favourites, and hopefully you’ll be joining me soon in playing them.

Money Games

I’ve been playing games now on the Mortgage Calculator for a few weeks, I’m slightly hooked if I’m being honest. They’re so easy and quick to load up on my phone, easy to pause (without the faff of live based games) to deal with other queries, then return to playing again.

My absolute favourite game is Merge Blocks. I’ve lost hours of time playing this game. The objective is to place different sized blocks onto the board, then merge three of them. It’s hard though, especially when the block you need doesn’t appear.

Image shows a screenshot for Merge Blocks, a game on the Mortgage Calculator.
Merge Blocks – Image Source – Mortgage Calculator (Subject to Copyright)
Screenshot of the Merge Blocks game showing the points to each brick.
Merge Blocks – Image Source – Mortgage Calculator (Subject to Copyright)

I struggled to get passed block 6, you try getting three number 6’s together 😂

Another one I enjoyed was Idle Pet Business. A basic tycoon-based game where you profit from your own pet shop, which includes hamsters, cats, dogs, rabbits, and parrots. You upgrade each to earn more profit. It’s an easy game, but one that passes the time.

Image shows a screenshot of Idle Pet Business.
Idle Pet Business – Image Source – Mortgage Calculator (Subject to Copyright)

There must be well over 70 free games to choose from, you’ll never be bored again. There are even some NFT and Crypto based games too, something for everyone and for all ages too.


I have thoroughly enjoyed the free online Money Games on the Mortgage Calculator website. They’re great and ideal for kids too, no adverts or investment needed to complete levels or tasks. Most app-based games require or imply some sort of payment to complete levels or tasks, but these games require none of that. They’re also educational too, a bonus, especially when teaching kids, the value of money.

Highly suggest you check out the free selection of Money Games. You won’t be disappointed.

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